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We need RM 5,000 to recruit 25 primary schools in Malaysia for 2016, that will benefit 1,000 students (Standard 4 to 6) who will become members of the Astronautics Club Malaysia.

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It's not Rocket Science! Malaysia is facing a bleak future with the erosion in Scientific Interest. Let us provide quality Science Education to school children across Malaysia especially to underserved communities located  away from major cities. They are in need of our Astronautics Club
and Rocketry
Workshops to propel them into the future! With the investment of RM5,000 the Astronautical Association Of Malaysia (AstroX) will be able to deliver innovative programmes to 25 school around the country and provide membership to 1,000 students (40 students per school). Social Impact studies have indicated 78% conversion of students into the field of Science after attending our workshops. Malaysia will need 500,000 degree holders in the field of Science and Technology for the year 2020 and we currently only have 85,000 people in field of Science. LET’S MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY!     

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