Raising funds via a series of silent auctions of artworks by Malaysian contemporary artists, with the intention of helping to provide temporary homes for displaced families in Gaza. Bids are only received via email to and should be higher than the reserve price stated below. Thank you all for your support!

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Art4Humanity Week 3: Featuring FAIZAL YUNUS

Over the past few weeks, we have been shocked and dismayed by the escalating violences against the Palestinian people. Already under occupation, Palestinians have experienced displacement through settlements, in areas including Sheikh Jarrah, and the loss of homes and businesses, via a series of bombings in Gaza. 

At La Famillia Moiz for Humanity, we could not ignore the plight of the Palestinian people anymore. We wish to use our voice and platform to help the Palestinians, by raising funds to help with housing for those who have been displaced by the bombings in Gaza.

We are delighted that members of Malaysia’s contemporary art community have agreed to come together and provide us with paintings for a silent auction campaign, ART FOR HUMANITY, to achieve our aims.

Over the course of 3 weeks ART FOR HUMANITY will be releasing artworks for auction. Bids will be accepted over a predetermined period of time, and proceeds will be donated to Cinta Gaza Malaysia.

Bidding for this silent auction, which will be for ‘UOS 10’ (@faizalyunu5) will launch on our Instagram account @lfm4humanity at 10 AM on Wednesday (17/6/2021) and end at 5pm on Monday (21/6/2021).

The reserve price for this artwork is RM 3,800.00

Bids will be received only by email to the email account: and further information will be available on our campaign
page or call Nurul Noorajala at +60106688053. Bids should come in higher than the reserve price.

We will announce the winner on Tuesday (22/6/2021) on our Instagram account.

If you just wish to donate in support of the campaign, you can do so by clicking on

the Donate Now button (your donation will not be part of the bidding process.) To bid
for the artwork, please send your bid to


For third Silent Auction, it will be ‘UOS 10’ by Faizal Yunus.

(2021,Resin, fiberglass and automotive paint, 48 x 36 x 9 cm)

Faizal Yunus is a Malaysian-based artist who graduated in a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UITM, with a major in printmaking. His practice mostly deals with the processes of mark-making or pattern-replicating, with everyday objects acting as his source of inspiration.

After graduating Faizal worked for a few years in an automotive car workshop. Here he began experimenting with automotive paint and airbrushing, and found ways to incorporate them into his artworks. His most recent solo show ‘Unprecedented Order’ (April 2020) at RK Fine Arts, used these techniques to create a personal response to the uncertainties of today’s world. With these works he touches on socio-political issues that are happening at home in Malaysia as well as globally- especially the unprecedented global pandemic. Faizal states:

"The art of crumpling the canvas and marking it with spray paint somehow represents memories. As I stretch the canvas onto a stretcher the mark stays and it looks like scars. Scars continue to exist, making us think about certain memories that are hard to ignore and forget."

Faizal applies this same crumpling method as his paintings on canvas to 'UOS 10'. To enhance the technique in a three-dimensional arena he pours resin from one crumple to the next in order to capture the form. He likens these crumples to capturing memories, saying “It’s like making amendments to the past, but making a recovery”

I was particularly drawn to this sculpture work, and its links to Art 4 Humanity. Our fundraising project aims to secure homes for the displaced families in Gaza post-war. I started to think about urban landscapes, and what that might look like in Gaza.

Families and homes are torn apart and the memories these people have in their minds of the war I am sure they wish to erase.

We all hope that one day these memories and rubble will turn to secured homes and a chance to make new peaceful memories for the people.

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