I'm fundraising RM3,000 towards this project to bring Malaysian indigenous voices to COP26 on November. COP26 is one of the most important climate change conference in the world and this is the first time ever we have participation from Indigenous People from Peninsula Malaysia

My Story

*Fundraiser duration has been extended

Who am I?

  • My name is Aroe. I am a 22-year-old student from Malaysia.
  • Most of you probably know me from my work with Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), a climate justice movement here in Kuala Lumpur. For the past two years, I have been working to raise awareness about the climate crisis in Malaysia, researched, and worked with indigenous communities and experts.

Why am I shaving my hair?

  • This project is very dear to me. I believe it is paving the way for other indigenous communities in Malaysia to be present in climate decision-making spaces in the future (such as COP).
  • So...why my hair? To be honest, these covid times are not great. I thought by making this fundraising effort more personal, you can be part of this journey, and yes, it's kinda fun to see someone shaving their hair right.
  • I'm very aware that other fundraising efforts are going on to support impacted communities. So please, prioritize aids for your community first!

Where will your donation go?

  • None of this is going into my pocket!!!
  • Donation will go towards:
    • exhibition setup and logistics in the UK
    • exhibition fees
    • equipment
    • materials
    • digital tools.
  • Setting up an art exhibition is no easy feat, especially when the items need to be flown and transported from Malaysia to the UK and reach Glasgow for reconstruction.


  • RM10 - You'll get to see the end result first.
  • RM50 - You get a video recording throughout the process of buzzing my hair.
  • RM100 - All of the above + a personalized video from me saying thank you .
  • RM200 - All of the above + you get to decide if I should dye my buzzed hair or not (and what color)

Am I going to donate my hair?

  • I plan to donate my hair to Locks Of Hope if it's longer than 15cm by the end of the month.'



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    Youre awesome!

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    Go go Aroe! You’re an amazing human being!

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