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Help Zamani and Firdaus Get to School

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Zamani (15 years old) and Firdaus (14 years old) are siblings. They were referred to Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) by the Department of Social Welfare (JKM). Zamani and Firdaus have had their birth certificates filed late and the applications are still in process. Both brothers are now living with foster parents. Zamani went to live with the foster family at the beginning of 2017, and Firdaus joined him in mid 2017 (after his previous foster home said that they can no longer take care of him).

Zamani has been living in YCK’s shelter home from 2014-2016 and has been attending YCK’s home schooling programme. Zamani only returned to his foster parents’ home once a month and during school holidays.

Zamani wants to experience a normal life, with a proper, stable family. He wants to learn to be self reliant. Hence since 2017, Zamani no longer stays at the YCK shelter. Instead he travels everyday from his foster home in Ampang to the YCK home-schooling center everyday by bus and LRT.

We have seen a positive change and impact in Zamani as compared to before. He looks happy, cheerful and is more enthusiastic about life since living with his foster parents. Firdaus is doing the same, and has been commuting everyday to school from Ampang to YCK with his brother since living at the foster home too. They seem to be adapting well.

Zamani and Firdaus are seeking help in raising funds to pay for their transportation to school from Ampang to YCK. This cost RM600 per month. They also need some funds for basic necessity (RM100 per month) and food (RM200 per month). The boys' foster parents have no fixed income. They run a small food business selling steamed corn. In addition, the foster parents have other dependents too.  

Hence we are helping to raise RM900 per month for Zamani and Firdaus, that will help keep them in school, provide them with nutritional meals and basic needs. If you can contribute on a monthly basis, please click on the Donate button here.

Thank you so much!

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