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UPDATE on 1 March 2018

Want some great news?!! ❤❤

We have thankfully raised enough to get Danny a home and job for one year!! We signed a lease for him yesterday and he is moving in on March 5th!

Danny has been homeless for more than ten years!! No longer!!!! ❤❤ He is so excited about this amazing opportunity for a second chance and we couldn’t be happier for Danny!

Now we have to raise a bit more to get his neighbor Ah Cheong this same opportunity!

Please consider donating the cost of a meal towards this very important and meaningful opportunity! Ah Cheong has already proven his desire for this chance and we need your help to make it happen!!

Thanks for your support everyone!!


Danny and Ah Cheong need our help! 

These two gentleman have been homeless for too long! However now they have both proven their dedication to wanting a second chance. They don’t want to live outside anymore! People often ask me where I get my energy and passion for working so hard on ImpactHK. One huge reason is that I have friends that are sleeping outside in the cold right now.  I have friends who are homeless, living in danger and afraid. I have friends who despite their unimaginable circumstances, are brave enough to want change.  They want a second chance! 

Danny and Ah Cheong are both my friends. I wouldn’t be setting up this appeal if it wasn’t necessary. ImpactHK does not have enough money to afford their next step and we need your help!  If impactHK does not help these two, the reality is that they will be homeless for many more years and that often doesn’t end well. The cost of saving their life is relatively small.  They each need an apartment which will cost $4,000 each per month. We need to raise enough money to pay for their two month deposit, first month’s rent, and real estate fee. That is a total of $14,000 each. $28,000 for both of them. We will also need enough for their salaries which is $4000/month each. They will both be doing a job in giving back to Hong Kong. They’ll be working in fighting food waste, and helping seniors and the homeless. That brings the grand total for getting these two individuals off the streets and into a home, with a job, with a counsellor, a mentor, a nutritionist, teachers and sports coaches, all for one year to $62,000 each; $124,000 for the two of them. 

Click "Donate Now" to help us give Danny and Ah Cheong a new lease of life and hope. Thank YOU. 

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