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Grocery Hamper to Estates plus Emergency CMCO Food Drive

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Target : MYR 40,000

About Appeal

The Hope Branch Malaysia NGO officially launched to assist vulnerable families, single parents, OKU, marginalised community, B40 to sustain during this post covid time. 

To date, we have contributed 25,000 meals and benefited 200,000 families

We raised funds to  provide 'The Hope Box Grocery' packages - Deepavali Grocery Hamper Delivery.

Despite how the pandemic has affected every Malaysian, we must not forget the warmth that comes from one of the most celebrated festive in Malaysia - Deepavali. THB had been managing the whole team's schedule and prepare to deliver grocery hampers to 1000 families since the beginning of September.

Deepavali Grocery Hamper Delivery to Estates Destinations:

  •  Sungai Choh
  •  Sungai Buloh
  •  Kapar
  •  Puchong
  •  Pandamaran
  •  Pantai Dalam
  •  Kuala Selangor
  •  Carey Island
  •  Malacca
  •  Temerloh
  •  Johor Bahru
  •  Darul Makmur

In kind donations are welcome, target delivered by 8th November 2020.

As such the foundation has come up a fund raising site and hope we can continue to contribute to the society.
Your generosity to help and promote and support our movement and programme is very much appreciated.
You can also donate in kind, kindly contact (0149236608)

Please support to help make this programme a success in which ever way possible.

Thanking you all in advance and have a great day.🌷

Previously, The Hope Branch served 5000 hot meals weekly to the marginalised communities, urban poor, homeless and those most vulnerable during September. Also, we provided 500 Care Packs (worth RM 100 per pack of dried food items to vulnerable families and B40) via the Appeal: "ONE MEAL A DAY" Emergency Relief Food Drive.

The Hope Branch (THB) currently supplies 1500 hot cooked meals/week to support the OKU community around Klang Valley also the Marginalised community in KL via SEEDS Foundation. We also identify and support vulnerable homes during this tough recovery period and support them in home suppliers and emergency grocery supplies. The Hope Branch refurbishes and provides care of Orang Asli Settlements in Damansara and Carey Island as well.

The Hope Branch, an initiative to quickly and effectively raise funds for those affected by the Covid19 Pandemic. 
We are working together with KitaJaga.Us to execute speedy aid delivery and to stay connected with medical front-liners.
THB tasks will include fund raising to cover costs of purchase and delivery of PPE (personal protective equipment) - for health frontliners - to vulnerable hospitals, Klinik kesihatan at the outskirt areas, and police arm force.

As well as daily supplies for those affected most from the Restricted Movement Control Order (daily wage earners, homeless, immigrants,refugees) and vulnerable homes

We also contribute food to a current fully operational soup kitchens - Pertiwi and The Lost Food Project.

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