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The 3 Goat Gamble

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Please help 90 vulnerable families lift themselves out of poverty!

Four years ago, I first met Sarath.

Sarath lives with her three siblings and her grandparents in rural Cambodia. Like many in the area, Sarath's family were vulnerable, relying on the meagre income from her grandfather's farming activities. Faced with real challenges, Sarath's family accepted the gift of 3 goats and began to learn how to raise them, even though goat farming is not widely undertaken in Cambodia.

The gamble paid off!

Now Sarath’s family have turned the gift of 3 goats into a thriving heard of 20. By growing their herd, they have so far been able to sell 10 goats raising $1,000 over the last 2 years. The children are flourishing, their health has improved, their grades in school risen, and they are thinking about their futures.

World Vision has identified 90 very vulnerable children and their families who live near our family whose impoverished circumstances are able to be tackled though an income generation program such as goats raising. With improved income, children are able to have improved nutrition, gain access to school (costs often keep poor children away from school).

How can I help?
Three goats (1 male and 2 females) can help lift a family out of their extreme vulnerability and bring about meaningful change. By joining me in supporting families, or buy purchasing a goat click we can change the lives of 90 families in the Kampong Chhnang Province of Cambodia.

$133 will provide 1 goat, and $399 will provide a family with 3 goats to start their own goat raising business. To donate, just click on the "DONATE HERE" button above.

I think gift catalogues feature goats at lower costs. Why is this?
Animals cost different amounts in each country. When organisations such as Oxfam
or World Vision feature items in their Gift Catalogues, they are an average of multiple
countries and often feature Africa where goats can be far cheaper.

I personally have the names of these 90 families and their children. $133AUD is the
real cost of purchasing a goat in the markets in the Province in which they live. (My Cambodians family sell their goats for $100USD). Another donor has already committed to pay to provide training and education in animal husbandry, agricultural production, market access and business skills to help families increase their income over the long-term.

Is my gift Tax Deductible?
While your investment in empowering these families change their lives is not tax deductible, 100% of your donation goes directly to the purchase of goats.

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Engage your friends and contacts
270 goats is a big target, but one that if we can achieve will really change lives. Your support in sharing with like-minded colleagues and friends would be wonderful.

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    Great work Darren!

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    Thanks Darryn for Making a difference to these people’s lives

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    Love this! We want our goat to be named - Warren. Thanks Darren!

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    Darren we feel privileged to have connected with Cambodian children and families through you and World Vision. Your generosity and care inspires us. Thanks for the work you do. Choose great goats! Cheers Kathryn

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