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Tabbz The FIP & FelV Fighter

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About Appeal

Dear Donners Of KitaFund,

I would first and for most like to say Thank You for all the donations provided thus far. I am setting up this campaign in desperation as I am in need of more funds. Due to the policies at KitaFund I am unable to extend my Campaign to facilitate more funds which is required there for I have created this campaign to facilitate for the shortfall in funds.

To all previous donors with all your wonderful help tabbz campaign in KitaFund raised a total of RM 10,241 which to date has been fully utilized for the following


1.     Withdrawal RM 263 -- 2020-11-03

a.     Injection + syringe: RM3 x 22 = RM66

b.     2. Ubat: RM93.83

c.     3. Charge vet: RM103.17

2.     Withdrawal RM 300 -- 2020-11-03

a.     Deposit for blood test (appointment at 5pm):

3.     Withdrawal RM 25 -- 2020-11-04

a.     Outstanding bill: RM25*

4.     Withdrawal RM 1,497 -- 2020-11-05

a.     GS-441524, 7ml, 20mg/ml : RM499 x 3 bottle : RM1,497

5.     Withdrawal RM 508 -- 2020-11-05

a.     Buy 1x ProBoost, Thymic Protein A - RM321

b.     Buy 1x Reflex Plus Adult (Cat Dry Food) 15kg - RM187

6.     Withdrawal RM 4,200 -- 2020-11-19

a.     Ubat GS OSCAR : RM350 x 12 vials = RM4,200

7.     Withdrawal RM 207 -- 2020-12-01

a.     Outstanding Vet Bill (up to 1/12/2020): RM207

8.     Withdrawal RM 240 -- 2020-12-10

a.     Deposit blood test on 12.12.2020: RM240

9.     Withdrawal RM 240 -- 2020-12-15

a.     Deposit blood test on 12.12.2020: RM240

10. Withdrawal RM 2,422 -- 2020-12-17

a.     Bayar Vet Quotation: RM1800

b.     Bill Tunggakan: RM 622

As of 28th November 2020 Bloodtest result for Tabbz I had to change GS Drug Supplier for a few reasons. One of the reasons was that his A/G Ratio had not improved from 0.4 since day 30 and his dosage had been slowly increased from 8mg to 10mg and now he is on the biggest Jump in dosage which is 15mg per Kg. Another reason was that it seems that my original supplier drug was ineffective.


Due to the unfortunate fact that Tabbz is also FeLV ve+ (positive) and after consultation of many vets Locally and in USA and Australia they have all said basically the same thing which is to UP the dosage to 15Mg/ KG and to stop on day 96 of treatment. Normal treatment for GS is 84 days but due to this it has to be extended by 2 weeks. The GS vail which is am using now is 15mg/5ml vail which if translated back to his dosage to weight is almost 1 Vail a day!


I concisely hope everyone can help donate for my little Tabbz and give him a second chance at life.

All the donation funding goes directly to the vet and to buying and nowhere else.




Antiviral Cost

28 X RM350 per-vials of GS-441524 OSCAR 15mg/5ml (To be given at 15mg/kg Dosage est 1 vail a day)- RM10,000

Estimated Vet Cost
Vet Medical Cost + Boarding + Daily Injection, Needle + Syringe + Food + Consultation + Blood test Every 2 weeks - RM 2,700


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  • Lydia Wong

    MYR 50 14/01/2021

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    MYR 10 14/01/2021

  • Caroline Thomas

    I’m praying for your cat to recover real soon! Have faith keep going! Much love to all

    MYR 50 14/01/2021

  • Anonymous

    I hope your cat will get better.

    MYR 100 13/01/2021

  • Anonymous

    I hope the donation i sent helps. Get well soon tabbz

    MYR 50 12/01/2021

  • Choi Ira

    MYR 10 10/01/2021

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    MYR 20 30/12/2020

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    MYR 50 30/12/2020

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