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I am taking part in the Marathon Des Sables again! From 3-13 April 2020. This time I am fundraising for Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) and Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

2018 saw me starting MdS with a 6 weeks old stress fracture. It was possibly the most stressful time of my life. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Anyway, I completed it and i was determined to go back and to actually “be present” when I go back. I spent all of 2018 and 2019 testing my comfort zone and it’s been amazing!! I’ve gone back to the desert for more running since MdS, have done 4 world majors with 2 more to do, gone to Nepal twice and hiked around the Himalaya for a month, blessed with good weather and good health for Mount Kilimanjaro summit this year...

Just before Christmas I was organising my next year’s calendar and realised my adventure calendar is looking quite bare. I started toying with the idea of doing MdS again. I asked Steve Diedrich if it’s too late- he said no but hurry up!

By Christmas I had paid up for my place in MdS 2020. I knew I want to do it for two charities; Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and I also promised Adeeba in 2018 if I ever run the MDS again, I will do it for her/ Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

One of my resolutions for this year is to be kinder in my thoughts, my speech, do more to raise awareness about kindness and the importance of being kind. Where else more appropriate to begin if not for those who need it most?- Vulnerable stray dogs and people living with diseases and unnecessary stigma attached to it.

Animals like human, all need love and deserve respect. Who is to decide who gets to live and die..? It’s not a decision for us to make, but it is for us to respect and learn, we are all here to live together.

Respect, love, tolerance, understanding- these will definitely help us to live better.

A few years ago, a friend of mine, called me and told me he needed to see me urgently and needed to talk to me. I called him as soon as I got home and he was in tears when he saw me. He said- “ I am sorry I’ve lied to you and the reason I never told you was that I worry you will stop being my friend. And I don’t want you to hear this from somebody else.... I have HIV and it’s been about 10 years now.” His relationship had broken down and his ex partner threatened to tell me in an attempt to isolate him. I gave him the biggest hug I could possibly squeeze and told him we are friends forever and ever. We are still friends today.

Nobody should live like that.... with that fear, insecurities and stigma. We all should be kinder to each other....

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    Good luck! Another great achievement! Evie, Milo, Kim and Dave xxxx

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    All the best and take good care of yourself !

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    You are one incredible lady. Proud to have you as my friend. Xx

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    Be strong, be good! Gambateh! 加油! All the best. Love ya Auntie Sue! xxx

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    Good luck and all the best in the Marathon des Sables! Xx

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    All the best!

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    All the best sue xoxo

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    Hi Sue, Thanks for doing this!!! Proud of you gal. All the best.

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  • Cheryl Low

    #DonatingMyAngPow to you Aunty Sue! When I grow up, mummy said you're not such a bad example to follow... :-) Naya Low

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