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Lending a helping hands to those in need.

This is the grappling life story of Shafiq, a 12 years old boy from Sandakan suffering from chronic renal failure.

Shafiq and 60 other beneficiaries under the SHAPE programme depend on the generosity of donors like you to give them a second shot at life. So have a heart and donate to the SHAPE programme so that we can reach out to more recipients who are in dire need of your help. No matter how big or small, every cent donated will take them closer to a brighter future.

The Story of Shafiq

Shafiq, a feisty 12 years old boys from Sandakan grew up in a low-income household. Life was tough for him and his three siblings as their father earns a mere RM900 per month as a general worker at a local poultry farm outside of Sandakan. His mother is a full-time homemaker who takes care of the family and the couple is now expecting their fifth child.  

Six years ago, Shafiq was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure – a condition manifested by incessant fatigue and nausea, swelling from fluid build-up under the skin and congestion in the lungs, and high blood pressure. In their desperate bid to save their child, Shafiq’s parents admitted him at the Duchess of Kent Hospital in Sandakan where he received intensive care and treatment by a nephrologist.

Since then, they have to make frequent hospital trips and this took its toll on the family. A single taxi trip to hospital costs RM25 and the family was on the verge of despair from the financial burden and emotional trauma of having to watch their beloved family member wasting away day by day.

Shafiq’s condition turned for the worse. He now suffers from full-blown kidney failure and requires dialysis treatment 4 times a week just to survive. He became increasingly frail and his physique is that of an eight-year-old child. Although he is in high spirits and demonstrates the exuberance of any child, the reality remains bleak for him. Shafiq suffers from learning disability and could not keep up with the demanding school life.

The hefty transportation cost to the hospital is also eating away whatever meagre savings that his father managed to scrimp. In early 2018, they started missing out on Shafiq’s dialysis appointment simply because they couldn’t afford to take the daily trip to the hospital. Friends and family members were able to help in the beginning but it also became increasingly difficult for them to continue supporting him.

SAGA learnt about Shafiq’s plight and enrolled him under the SAGA Health Access Programme (SHAPE) where they provide him with a small allowance to subsidise his transport cost to town. This comes up to approximately RM 400 per month – a small amount – but it was a lifeline for Shafiq.

You can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged patients like Shafiq by make a donation to SHAPE. Please donate to us, so that we can help more.


Sabah AIDS Awareness Group Association, formerly Sandakan AIDS Support Group Association (Registry of Societies Malaysia registration no. PPM-001-12-12092008), was established in 2008 Dr. Zaiton Binti Yahaya, a family medicine specialist at Klinik Kesihatan Sandakan.

SAGA started off as an NGO that provides health services related to HIV/AIDS infections to people living with HIV and key affected populations in Sandakan. It is a Partner Organisation of Malaysian AIDS Council and runs various community-based HIV/AIDS programme in Sabah in partnership with the Ministry of Health. In recent time, SAGA begun to expand its scope of services to provide direct assistance to women, youth and patients from underprivileged background. Our aim is to eliminate any barrier that stops patients from getting the treatment, care and support that they deserve.


 The SAGA Health Access Programme (SHAPE) was introduced by SAGA to provide financial assistance to underprivileged patients from Sabah's rural areas who have to travel great distances from their homes to seek medical support for critical ailments at government-run healthcare facilities in Sandakan. The programme awards cash incentive to qualified beneficiaries for every hospital appointment that they attend in Sandakan. The incentive will help to cover the high cost of travelling and other logistic expenses related to the hospital trip.

The project beneficiaries must be Malaysian citizens from low household income (earning less than RM2,000/ month).

SHAPE partners

To ensure transparency in the transfer of funds to SAGA, we work closely in partnership with the Social Work Department at the Duchess of Kent Sandakan in evaluating the eligibility of applicants, which is in line with the family income guidelines under the Poverty Line Income (PGK).

Our partners includes;

  • Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan
  • Sandakan Health Clinic
  • The Sabah Welfare Department
  • Malaysian AIDS Foundation
  • Malaysian AIDS Council.
  • Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGiC)

DISCLAIMER: Apperance of persons in this photo/publication is consented to for use by Sabah AIDS Support Group Association (SAGA). Reproduction in any form without the written permission from SAGA is strictly prohibited.

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