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Together we can help families get through Coronavirus 讓我們和受影響家庭一起共渡時艱

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About Appeal

We are all going through tough times with the rapid spread of coronavirus. It is the biggest global health crisis we face in our lifetimes, and it knows no borders. Life has been turned upside down for everyone in the struggle to contain the virus. Trusted caregivers are under immense pressure. And children are feeling this too. They may struggle with anxiety, worry because they’re missing school, or fear that they or their families will get sick.

But you can make a difference. You can help a child continue their education, protect and prepare our doctors and health clinics in refugee camps, protect children in unsafe households, and support families who have lost their income.

新型冠狀病毒疫情在全球迅速蔓延,我們正面對有史以來最嚴重的一場疫症危機。為了遏止病毒的傳播,我們在生活上作出重大的改變。 相信很多人為了照顧家庭,都承受著沉重的壓力,當中兒童也不例外。 他們或許會感到焦慮,會因為失去校園生活而感到困擾,也會因為自己或家人有機會受到病毒感染而恐懼。


Domestic coronavirus relief efforts
Save the Children Hong Kong has activated relief efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak. In terms of immediate relief, we have distributed:  

  • Over 70,000 masks for children and adults and 5,000 bottles of hand sanitiser to support the most vulnerable and marginalized children and families in Hong Kong.
  • 200 sets of laptop computers with connectivity kits to school children ranging from Primary One to Secondary Three classes.
  • Educational content to provide child-friendly information such as positive parenting and health tips to children and their caregivers.  

But our support will not end there.
To provide longer-term support, we are working with local partners to develop programmes to improve children’s psychosocial wellbeing during these trying times.
To learn more about our efforts, please visit here.


  • 我們已透過本地的非牟利組織合作夥伴向低收入和弱勢社群的兒童和家庭派發70,000多個兒童及成人口罩和5,000支酒精搓手液。
  • 向小一至中三年級的學生分發了合共200部手提電腦及便攜式路由器,支援網上學習。
  • 為兒童和家長提供網上資訊,例如正面管教和健康衛生資訊。



Global coronavirus relief efforts

Globally, Save the Children works in almost 120 countries. Coronavirus has already reached some of the world’s most vulnerable communities such as refugee camps, conflict zones and urban slums. We must act now.  
That’s why Save the Children has launched a global appeal so we can support children and their families around the world through this pandemic, the most serious threat to global health and security in modern times. 
Will you send a gift to help protect a child against coronavirus?



Your donation will:

  • Provide protective equipment, medical supplies and training for local health workers  
  • Supply resources to help children learn and continue their education at home
  • Provide essential items like food and soap
  • Keep children and their families safe in their homes  

Your donation will help us keep children alive and safe so that they can survive this crisis, and adjust to life once it is over.  

It's only by coming together that we can protect those children who need us most. We thank you for your support at this challenging time.

  • 為當地醫護人員提供防護裝備,醫療用品和培訓
  • 提供資源讓兒童可以在家繼續學習
  • 提供食物和肥皂等生活所需物資
  • 確保兒童及其家人可以安全地留在家中




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