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Update @ 2 October 2018

Sadly, baby Rahmat did not make it and passed away. His funeral was today. We thank you for all donations made. It will still be sent to Rahmat’s mother via YCK to pay for his funeral and balance of hospital bills. Our thoughts and prayers goes out to Rahmat's mother and sisters.

First post: 20 Sept 2018

This is Rahmat. He’s a baby, only 1 year and 4 months old. He was previously well, good development. Now he’s very very sick. He lives with his single mom, who clean houses to make ends meet. She earns RM850 per month. The hospital bill for 2 days is already RM4000 and it’s a long road to recovery. He’s intubated and needs ICU care.

We need to raise RM10,000 to help this child get the treatment he needs. Every bit helps. Please help. You can donate here by clicking on the DONATE button. Please share this page as widely as possible too.

You can read more on the Dr’s diagnosis here:

Child: 1yo 4months / cw 7.9kg

Current issue: 
1)left parietal cerebritis with hydrocephalus 
- presented with vomiting 2days , reduced  
 oral intake and lethargic .
-Ct brain plain and contrast done 
-LP done : pending 
-wbc24/ Crp 103/ iv rocephine 
-ventilated day 3 /clinically pupil 3/3mm  
 sluggish / brisk reflexes /self sedated (prior 
 to sedation ) 
-unstable temp : fluctuating hypo and 

2)right lobar pneumonia 
- minimal cough on and off 
-low grade fever 
-usg thorax : showed consolidation /no 
-non immunised (cos no birth certificate)
-mom passport due 2 years ago 

Prior to this child was well and thriving . 
Development was appropriate 

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