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IN AID TO B40 (Fundraising for underprivileged children of B40 families)

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Spirit of Giving Team is a group of MBA students from UKM-Graduate School of Business who collaborates with Nourish Malaysia and run a fundraising campaignIn Aid to B40” to raise awareness on child poverty and generate funds to provide substantial assistance for B40 families' children.

Imagine that our destiny is already determined the moment we learn to walk. Our ability to obtain basic necessities and education is being diminished. Our ideal career will remain a dream. The average life expectancy is uncertain. And that those years will be spent looking for inadequate food and nutrition. This is how 1.77 million Malaysian children live their lives every single day of the year.

We are inspired by the fact of child poverty in Malaysia to run the campaign. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global crisis that leads to a greater number at risk of falling for B40 families into poverty. The children from B40 families will not only be deprived, or at risk of being denied, but they will most undoubtedly have less health and nutrition. We find it sad to think that so many children live in poverty and need help in our country. With this campaign, we believe that together we can make a significant difference in the lives of these children

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