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Pets for Sharks Photo Challenge and Fundraiser

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About Appeal

Join the Pets for Sharks Photo Challenge!

From 1-31 May 2023

Be inspired to hike, tour, and just get outside with your pets – and raise awareness of Shooting it RAW and the Hong Kong Shark Foundation!

We're fundraising and running a fun photo challenge to capture our pets in all their photographic greatness. To see the photos to date, visit:

This is how you can help us do our inspiring work!  

Funds will be split 50:50, and this is crucial for helping us grow our impact. The more we raise, the more we'll be able to spread our message!

  1. Take your photos to the next level.
    Make a colourful splash by printing or displaying our Badge in your photos.
    For the Badge image, click:

  2. Share photos of your dog, cat, ferret, gator, horse or any other friend!
    Visit our Facebook page, follow us to see the other entries, and post your images with the hashtag #petsforsharks.
    To visit our Facebook page, click:

  3. Don't use Facebook? Upload your photos to Instagram and tag us @shootingitraw, and use the hashtag #petsforsharks.
    To find and follow us on Instagram, click:

Help us raise funds – please donate now! 

Turn May into a month of fun for you and your beloved companion, and help support two amazing causes, too.

The best, most creative photos will get our goodies!

  1. Top-10 Most Popular/Liked Photos:
    The incredible conservation photo book Man & Shark, by award-winning photographers Paul Hilton and Alex Hofford, and sponsored by Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

  2. Top-5 Most Popular/Liked Photos:
    A custom campaign t-shirt.

  3. Most Popular/Liked Photo:
    The chance to record an inspiring, revealing, and fun Shooting it RAW podcast episode with Ran Elfassy!

About Shooting it RAW

What if life really is a gift – how do we make every second count? That's the question behind the podcast. The show is now on Season IV and episode +160. We've had guests from Australia, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Poland, South Africa, the UK, Ukraine, the USA, and many more. We inspire through wonder, curiosity and discovery. The show's on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and pretty much all the other podcast platforms.
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About Hong Kong Shark Foundation

HKSF's mission is to raise awareness about shark conservation and the urgent need to stop the unsustainable consumption of ALL shark products, particularly shark fins. We engage youth, individuals and companies in meaningful ways to save the world's sharks, starting from tackling the consumption of shark products in our daily lives. With over 50% of the world’s shark fin being traded through Hong Kong alone, we have a rare opportunity through our local efforts to make a significant impact on a global scale.


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