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MERCY FOR MERCY - Mercy Cat needs our care

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UPDATE: July 1 2022 - Thanks to all who donated so generously to the MERCY FOR MERCY campaign! Mercifully, your kind donations have allowed Mercy to have a successful operation! 

Mercy was discharged on 1 July from Cuddles Animal Hospital and is now under the care of an experienced foster carer. 

That is one cute kitty! Meowy Thanks for giving Mercy a second chance.

 last night I go and feed stray cat found out this little pity kitten cannot walk in ground...I never see him before...I think is people throw there one...
 luckily last night doctor found out his both back leg still got feeling...he said that means still can cure...jz the expenses I really cannot handle d...

now he is under observation on his excretory system...afraid he cannot poo poo & per pee... I also dunno...actually I already cannot afford anymore cat rescue d...but when I saw he crawling on ground......

MERCY CAT now at Cuddles Animal Hospital. Rescuer Mr Ong has also saved 2 sporo and a kidney disease cat but now cannot afford to care for Mercy, too. 

Cat Beach Sanctuary will take on this case and bring to a private House for fostering and nursing care when Cuddles says okay to discharge. 

Meantime, need to work on fundraising plan for Mercy's care - with this simplygiving page and a social media outreach plan. 

This poor cat needs loving care! Maybe even an adopter could be found! Are you able to help give mercy to MERCY?

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