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Early detection saves lives.

Oral cancer is an Asian disease, where 74% of oral cancer deaths occur in Asia and it is the 5th most common cancer in ASEAN countries where survival is poor due to late detection. In Malaysia, 3 in 4 oral cancer patients detect oral cancer at a late stage, when chances of survival are much lower. Particularly among patients in Sabah and Sarawak, survival rates are one of the lowest due to lack of specialists and difficulties in accessing healthcare.

Facing this challenge head on, Cancer Research Malaysia has developed the MeMoSA® (Mobile Mouth Screening Anywhere) App. With this app, individuals at risk can take images of their mouth and send it to the nearest specialist for early diagnosis and monitoring via teleconsultation. This enables patients to detect oral cancer early and gain access to life-saving treatment. For patients with disabilities and those located in smaller cities or remote locations, MeMoSa® is a crucial detection tool which enables them to seek specialist care.

"As I am based in Ipoh, I would need to travel interstate to Kuala Lumpur for my treatment. MeMoSa® really saves me time and money as I can consult and monitor my condition with my specialist remotely." – Mdm Tan*, 72 years old patient
*Patient's name has been changed for protection of privacy.

“Being a clinician myself, I saw first-hand how oral cancer patients suffered due to late disease detection. MeMoSA® is a very important tool that enabled our continued care of patients, especially during the pandemic when more than 60% of our patients missed or had their clinical appointments postponed.” - Dr Siti Ismail, Oral Surgeon at University Malaya

With early diagnosis, patients have a recovery rate of 80%. MeMoSa® benefits oral cancer patients in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries where the oral cancer burden is very high. To expand MeMoSa®’s reach and impact to save more lives, we need your support. As a non-profit organisation funded entirely by donations, your giving will help patients like Mdm Tan get screened early and provide patients access to life-saving treatment and care.

How will your donations make a difference for cancer patients?
  • For only RM 1.60 per day for a year, you help provide an entire rural community with a mobile data plan to use the MeMoSA® app, enabling them to overcome geographical barriers to seek timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • By giving RM 10 a day for a year, you help establish support groups between clinicians and patients in rural communities to raise awareness on the importance of early detection and save lives.
  • A contribution of RM 16.50 per day for a year covers the cost of the MeMoSA® app for nationwide access, allowing many more communities in remote locations to screen and detect cancer early.
Cancer Research Malaysia
Asians make up almost half of the world’s cancer cases but we are represented in less than 10% of the research. Cancer Research Malaysia is the only non-profit organisation in Malaysia focusing on cancer research in Asians. Our team of Malaysian award-winning scientists are on a mission to save lives by conducting impactful research to find new, improved ways to prevent, detect and treat cancers common in Asians.

All our work has been funded entirely by donations. We need your support to continue our quest to serve patients and their families. For only RM 100/month, you can impact lives and bring about lasting change in the fight against cancer.

Would you donate today to empower cancer research and help more patients access life-saving tools and treatment?

“Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.”

Thank you for your donation and for partnering with us to create a future free of the fear of cancer.

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