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Mark Rides for Food (for others)

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About Appeal

It's been a difficult year for many and there've been cries for help from different communities across the country. Over the month of July, Mark would like to raise funds to feed 3 communities here in Malaysia - a refugee community through Health Equity Initiatives and two animal shelters, Second Chance Animal Shelter and MeeFah Shelter. There has been an increase in pet abandonment as owners are unable to feed and care for them. 

Now here's the fun part!

Mark will cycle (currently indoors), 1km for every MYR20 donated; targeting a minimum of 1,000 km over 3 weeks. To put things into perspective, in 2020 he averaged 600 km (only!) of cycling outdoors each month. Pros in the Tour de France do about 3,400 km over 3 weeks. 

Raised funds will be distributed 50% to HEI (refugees), 25% to Second Chance Animal Shelter and 25% to MeeFah Shelter.

You have 2 options to donate:

1. Direct transfer to Maybank (this method is preferred as this saves on fees!):

Name: Mark Koh
Bank: Maybank
Bank Account No.: 514329603876
Reference: Ride for food

2. Click the "Donate Now" button up above. 

About Health Equity Initiative (HEI)
HEI was established in 2007, with the mission to promote and protect the right to healthcare of marginalised communities in Malaysia. They work with refugees and asylum seekers. 

About Second Chance Animal Shelter (SCAS)
Came to know about SCAS through MyForeverDoggo, a dog adoption agency. SCAS is based in Hulu Langat. They home 500 dogs, rescued from injury, abuse and abandonment. It is a 'no kill' shelter.

About MeeFah Shelter
Also came to know about MeeFah Shelter through MyForeverDoggo, a dog adoption agency. MeeFah is based in Semenyih, established 10 years ago. They home 3,000 dogs, 60 cats, 20 tortoises, 1 pig and 1 monkey. They have a daily operating cost of MYR2,000 p/day. It is a 'no kill' shelter. 

About Mark Koh
An animal lover who adopted a dog off the street last year, not knowing she was pregnant and birthed 7 puppies a month later. All puppies have been re-homed to friends and also through MyForeverDoggo. He's kept the mum, Zaharah, and one of the daughters. Mark lives for the outdoors... cycling, running and diving. Here's his LinkedIn profile if you would like to know more about his professional life:

You can track his progress on Strava -

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    Go Uncle Mark!

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    BlessU Mark for your GoodWill. Stay safe. God Bless U and Project.

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    MYR 300 07/30/2021 12:49:42 PM UTC

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    Pedal to the metal (you know what I mean!)

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    Good Job-

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