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Lets support a grass-root racer to achieve his dreams!

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I am a financially struggling grass-root racer . I am a student majoring Degree in Transport Design , i couldn't cope up with the daily expenses yet didn't give up racing. As a orphan i also couldn't find any financial support from named companies.
I am aiming high to get in to big scenes such as MSF (Malaysian Speed Festival). But to get there i must start from the bottom right?. I have attended proper racing course, and went few grassroot events.  and didn't won anything since my car is not well prepared. I have a fully stock Proton Satria (1996), slightly modified, to get the feeling of the grass-root racing first. And the car has not come out from the workshop yet (i unable to pay the repairs).

At the moment i would like to pledge to receive kind donations, to prep and maintain my racing career. Racing in Malaysia is not cheap either

Things i needed.
  1. Need to pay the mechanic.
  2. Roof has to fixed (rusted have holes on it)
  3. Needed a cheap paintjob
  4. Need couple of tyre sets. (looking for Toyo R888)
  5. Rims as well
  6. Need engine and transmission fluids
  7. Strut bars
  8. Rollcage (for safety reasons)
  9. A racing seat with harness
  10. Engine rebuild (need to convert from carburetor to injection)
  11. and of course for the expenses as well (Race entry fees, petrol, tolls, etc etc)
Your kind support is needed =)

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