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Johor Flood Rescue and Donation

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The state of Johor was again hit by flash floods with heavy rains that had fallen recently. Latest figures show thousands have been affected by the floods in central Johor - covering an area from Yong Peng all the way to Segamat. Authorities are working round the clock reaching out to those affected areas. 

The HOPE BRANCH phone has received hundreds of Messages and calls from people who have been displaced and are looking for any for of aid and relief. Any form of help must go via the relevant District Office and we are in touch with them gathering information about that is most needed. If you wish to support our efforts any amount would be most appreciated and go a long way towards relief for the victims. 

You can donate by clicking the green button "Donate Now"

The fund is coordinated by The Hope Branch collaborated with relevant District Office. Money will be channeled into purchasing immediate resources like clean drinking water, groceries, blankets, clean-up materials, diapers etc

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    I sincerely hope this helps. - a Malaysian in Lancaster, UK.

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