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John's Family in Venezuela

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Many of you know I come from the beautiful country of Venezuela. I’ve been living away for nearly 10 years, and sadly the country’s stability and economy has crumbled before the world’s eyes, it's a full blown humanitarian crisis. A typical case of corrupt governments mismanaging a nation where the citizens are the ones paying the highest price. Many of you have seen articles and videos and information I’ve shared about it in the last few years. We have also been working hard as a family to relocate to a new place, because, as much as it hurts, life in Venezuela is no longer safe in any sense. It isn’t only about the political dangers, but food scarcity and a crippling economy makes it a very dangerous place to live. There’s not even proper medicine supplies and hospitals and schools are in the worst state they’ve ever been. 

I’ve been working for the last few years to bring awareness, to raise fund and to provide help and medicine to people in need in Venezuela. But now I need to come up with help for my own family.

The total amount I'm looking to raise is US$5,000, this should help my parents and my sister and her young son establish in Peru, pay for consular fees, buy the things they need for home, basic appliances, rent for the first couple of months and still be able to help my brother who is still living in Venezuela, since we're also planning to help him get out of the country soon. 

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