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What happened?

Our good friend, Jennifer Sison, is a fighter. She survived COVID-19 at home, choosing to recuperate alone, so as not to burden her family. Fortunately, she did not need to be hospitalized and her case was considered mild. After 2 months, she was finally declared COVID-Free on May 2020.

However, she was not yet back to her 100% self; she had migraines and her breathing has not gone back to normal. Last July 15, she went to Unihealth Southwoods because she experienced numbness on one side of her body and difficulty in forming speech. She was admitted immediately. Stroke. A lot of questions arose which to this day remain unanswered. Stroke in the young. No underlying conditions. What’s the cause? Is it Covid related? How can we prevent it from happening again? What do we do to regain back the functions she lost?

Things took a turn for the worse on July 23, when Jen suffered another stroke while admitted and under medication at Unihealth. It was then that the family decided to transfer her to a more fully-equipped hospital, St Luke’s Quezon City, where a stroke specialist can give her the urgent care she needs. "Time is brain", as they say. Immediately after being transferred to St Luke’s Hospital, a team of doctors started on various tests to rule out diseases which may be causing Jen’s symptoms. Foremost on their list is Moyamoya Disease, a rare disorder in the blood vessels, wherein an artery narrows or becomes blocked so that the blood flow to the brain is reduced, causing a stroke. To confirm this assessment, Jen needs to undergo a cerebral angiogram. 

But competent care comes at a price. The procedure, along with the other tests already done(CT scan, MRI with contrast and various blood work), is costly, and with her health card maxed out at Unihealth, the bills are piling up. Currently, aside from the hospital bills for confirmatory tests and symptom management, Jen also needs physical, speech and occupational therapy for 3 to 6 months. This is on top of the maintenance medicines that she will need to take.

For Jen to continue fighting this battle, she needs your help. Your contribution will make a difference and will help Jen get the ongoing care that she needs to get back to good health. We also ask you to please share and invite others to join Jen in her battle against this illness.

Lastly, we are inviting you to pray with us.
We pray for Jen's strength in body, mind and heart;
We pray for divine guidance and wisdom for her doctors and nurses, that they may be instruments in her healing;
We pray that Jen's condition continue to improve.

Thank you for your support and may God bless you.

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Account Name: Hanna Rita Sison
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Bank: BPI Family Bank

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    Palakas ka ate jen! Magkikita kita pa tayo sa bgc!! Kaya mo yan!

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    Pagaling ka Jen, marami pa tayong pupuntahang mga gala!

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  • A&A

    stay strong, Jen! praying for your imminent recovery. :)

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    Keep fighting Jen! ❤

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    Praying for your speedy recovery, Jen! 🙏🏼♥️

    USD 50 08/02/2020 10:54:01 PM UTC