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At a young age of 27 when Jenny was supposed to be living her full life as a young adult, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 4 sigmoid colon cancer on March 2020. The primary tumor was successfully removed during the surgery on 5th of May 2020.
On top of following strict dietary restrictions, Jenny has to take additional supplements to help her maintain the necessary nutrients for a healthy body. In addition to a healthy diet, she has been exercising regularly to prep her body for the harsh journey of chemotherapy. She is lucky to have her family members and friends by her side to support and encourage her so that her mental health is at the best state for the various challenges to come.
However, the cancerous cells had already spread rapidly throughout her other organs including the small intestine, liver, pelvis, and ovary. In order to undergo chemotherapy,  Jenny will have to undergo another minor procedure to have a chemo port installed on her chest. The surgery resulted in some complications as her jaundice was blocked and the white of her eyeballs turned yellow and her discharge also turned dark green due to the lymph nodes being blocked by the cancer cells. 
On 4 June 2020, Jenny was in a tremendous amount of pain and having difficulty breathing that she had to be admitted to the hospital emergency ward. The doctor recommended her to be monitored for the next two weeks to ensure her situation stabilizes. Jenny, as the toughest and yet the most gentle person that we all know, still tries her best to overcome it with a positive mindset. We thank God for providing her the resilience and determination to help her pull through it. 
Despite the insurance coverage, there are still huge outstanding medical bills that were not covered under the insurance policy. Apart from that, there will be more treatments to come in the future to help her reach her cancer-free goal. In order to pursue medical treatment in Malaysia’s University Malaysia Specialist Centre hospital, both Jenny and her significant partner had to abandon their respective jobs in Singapore which are their only source of income.
Hence, to lessen their financial burden, we would humbly request the aid of all family, friends and strangers to contribute any amount that they can from the bottom of their heart. Let’s help them conquer this tough journey together for they still have a bright future awaiting them.
With all the love and support that Jenny receives, we firmly believe that she will beat cancer and get back to what she does best, bringing joy and putting a smile on everyone she meets. We are forever grateful with your support, your prayers, your thoughts, your wishes, your financial donations, and above all, your love for Jenny.

Thank you to all the donors!

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.” ~ Kathy Calvin

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