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Being a woman in a patriarchal society can be challenging, especially when we have a passion for an activity traditionally reserved to men. Even in the 21st century, many women cannot come out and simply do what they love. 

The ladies of WIMA (Women's International Motorcycle Association) NEPAL are calling all women out there to step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams. Their mission throughout this 8 days motorcycle ride is to encourage women to challenge societal bias and live freely their passion.
By tackling the Upper Mustang, one of the most remote regions of the world and challenging ride, they will raise awareness that women are strong and can do anything they want. They hope to inspire more women to join the movement and indirectly promote tourism in their beloved country.

While WIMA Nepal is working hard to find local sponsors, they are still lacking funds to make this ride happen, and FreeW is therefore joining forces to crowdfund this ride. The target is to raise 1700 USD by October 20th, for a departure on Oct 21st.

The funds will be used to pay for food, accommodation and fuel for the 5 riding ladies, and any extra funds raised will be used to provide school material and/or sanitary products to girls in rural areas.

About the riders:

Sunita Deshar is a student of Social Work. She recently completed her Bachelor and is now working part time online. She is a passionate rider who dreams to travel the world by motorcycle. As she herself experienced the struggles of being a woman in Nepal and how motorcycling helped her find a supportive community, she is driven to share her knowledge with fellow women, and hopes to inspire them to fight to live a life they love.

She is the current President of WIMA Nepal and has been conducting women-focused motorcycling events. An experienced rider both on-road and off-road, she will be leading the ride.

Sabina Ghising is a fitness business woman who runs her own gym center. She is also a passionate rider and feels powerful when she’s on her motorcycle, but her parents forbid her to join boys, so when she discovered WIMA, she jumped at the opportunity to join an all-girls ride. She wishes to challenge gender stereotypes and motivate girls to do whatever they feel like, from riding bikes, travelling alone or lifting weights!

Durga Gongba Tamang is a rider from Dhankuta, Hile. She is a WIMA Nepal’s core member and has been travelling to many places on her motorcycle, both on road and off road. She helps in her family business and spends most of her time with motorcycles. She loves to test different kinds of bikes and is our Tik-Tok guru!

Aasha Bhandari is a pharmacist and also a very daring rider in our team. She has travelled many places on her motorcycle and is an inspiration to live one's life freely, without caring about what people say. She firmly believes that when women support each other, they are unstoppable, and she is looking forward to tackling any challenge that comes along the way. Being in the health sector, we are happy to have her on the ride to take care of our likely scratches!

Arata Dong Tamang has done a few group rides already. She particularly likes sports bikes and is very excited by this particularly challenging adventure off-road with a group of ladies, and being part of this “one of a kind” ride.

About WIMA Nepal:

Women’s International Motorcycling Association Nepal is a recently formed branch of WIMA International which is a group of female motorcyclists spanning the world. Our 40 members come from different provinces all over Nepal and wish to inspire others to live their passion despite societal and family restrictions. We have been organizing different events for women related to Motorcycling, such as road safety awareness programs and rides to raise awareness of women in motorsports and tourism. 

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  • pauline kennes

    Namaste! All the best for this amazing trip ladies! Stay safe and enjoy! Warm regards, Pauline

    EUR 50 10/17/2021 09:01:36 PM UTC

  • john Sorensen

    USD 250 10/16/2021 09:08:22 AM UTC

  • Kerstin Krause

    This is an awesome initiative! The world needs more women riding! I am setting up my own biz around women riders incl. a sponsoring programme for women in Nepal and Tanzania and other countries. See you out there, wind sistas ... and best best of luck for your upcoming trip, sistas! You rock!

    EUR 100 10/14/2021 10:24:23 PM UTC

  • WIMA GB J Walpole

    USD 50 10/14/2021 05:35:41 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable adventure

    EUR 15 10/14/2021 04:08:27 PM UTC

  • Sarah Burch

    USD 50 10/14/2021 03:09:08 PM UTC

  • Wima Sweden

    USD 35 10/14/2021 08:26:45 AM UTC

  • Russell Taylor

    Great cause! Good luck

    USD 25 10/13/2021 05:50:07 PM UTC

  • Ohene Gyapong

    Thank you, Kirsten Midura and Alison Grün for alerting us to this opportunity to support! 🙌🏾

    USD 49 10/13/2021 03:58:36 PM UTC

  • Stacey Ellingson

    Rubber side down ladies!

    USD 500 10/13/2021 06:38:27 AM UTC

  • Fabrice GODEAU

    Open heart, helping others is the right direction for a better world

    USD 100 10/13/2021 06:28:02 AM UTC

  • Betty Weskamp

    Girls - you have to ride - this is a fact - please do not stop! Best regards Betty

    EUR 50 10/12/2021 09:47:53 PM UTC

  • Judith Seeberger

    I lead women motorcycletours for my company - also in Nepal - and know that there is still a huge effort necessary to empower women in Nepal. Would be great to meet some of the WIMA Nepal ladies one time.

    USD 100 10/12/2021 09:21:48 AM UTC


    All the best, ladies!

    MYR 150 10/12/2021 09:11:49 AM UTC

  • Caroline Lunnon

    USD 15 10/11/2021 03:51:36 PM UTC