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Dear Society, 

Thank you for clicking into this page. To start off with, let me share with you a little bit of our background and the activities we do. My wife who is a doctor, really loves community work. She started volunteering in community work at the age of 19 and had been constantly helping/assisting the elderly, homeless, and even children that lacks education throughout the years. Therefore, I’m here to help her raise funds, so we could continue to support the community in the long term or until the Covid situation improves or until they are able to at least secure a job. We’re not an NGO… yet! (But would like to consider starting one).

Thankfully, our friends and families are generous enough to support us through these activities. However, as much as we appreciate it, there’s always a limit to how much a person could possibly contribute. Therefore, we are seeking assistance from the kind donors out there to assist us in our journey to help the less fortunate people like (homeless, refugees, or whoever that requires assistance). Throughout the MCO period, we’ve identified multiple Rohingyan refugee families that requires assistance financially/medically. We started off helping around 3 different families each week. As time passed, we’ve managed to identify 5-8 families, and after months of doing so, we’ve managed to identify about 25 families as of today 7/1/2021. 

Here’s a brief scenario of their situation. The rent is about RM400 – 600 per room/ house, depending on location. At times, few of families would share the cost of renting a house / room.  The breadwinner of their families are mainly the fathers who works as a construction worker / ad hoc jobs. Due to the Covid situation, some of them lost their jobs and for the lucky ones, they can get about 2-3days worth of income a week, and this is just the jizz of it. They are constantly seeking for jobs day in and out just so they can scrape by to pay the rent and support their family. Not to mentioned, most of the families have about 2-6 kids, and if you don’t know it yet, Rohingya refugees don’t have access to free education, jobs or healthcare like we Malaysians do. They would have to pay a minimum fees to gain access to these things which are crucial for a child’s well-being.

It would be nice if we could all play our role to make the world a better place by helping each other. Here’s how you can contribute:- 
i) You can contact me to get more updates. Or back in to this fund raising acc

ii) Pictures of the receipts will be taken and uploaded on our Instagram account @selfflesstogether for transparency. 

iii) Depending on the amount raised, the funds will be placed in accordance to the needs of family / child. (Education – purchase of books / pencils etc), (Food – Groceries). No cash is provided to the families. Remember! No one can do everything alone, but we can do something together. If you would like to see our progress, please follow @selflesstogether on Instagram.

Note: We don’t profit from this activity. The funds are solely to help people and we are transparent about it. Based on the funds raised, we’ll allocated accordingly to each family’s basic needs (rice, garlic, potatoes, sardines, chicken, eggs, milk powder etc.,). Receipts will be taken and shared to all personnel so you know where your money went (it could be allocated to basic necessities or education).  

We would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully raise some funds to help them.  

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