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Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) is a non-profit organisation that works on elevating the rights of women and children residing in Malaysia. With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading organisation in working to end violence against women and children, specifically domestic violence. WAO does this through public education, community engagement, and our survivor-centred services.

Our Work

WAO provides free and confidential services to our survivors of domestic violence, like crisis support, psychosocial support, and legal aid. We have two helplines that survivors can reach out to: WAO Hotline for calls and TINA (Think I Need Aid) for SMS/WhatsApp enquiries. WAO also runs one of the largest shelters in Malaysia in order to ensure that women and children are able to live in an environment that is both safe and empowering. With a small team of dedicated social workers and Crisis Support Officers, who are trained WAO volunteers, WAO has helped women and children live a life free from abuse and harm for decades. Our social workers assist survivors through case management, consultations with clients,

We run empowerment programmes for women survivors to ensure that they are able to be financially independent and have a solid sense of self in their new life. For children survivors, holistic programmes that support their psychosocial wellbeing are provided by WAO too (e.g., music classes, individual therapy sessions, tuition, gardening, sports activities). All programmes and services are child-friendly, child-centred, and client-centred. 

Besides services, advocacy is also an integral element for our organisation to continue our journey in ending violence against women. We focus on educating the public, from students to corporate companies to policymakers, through onground and social media campaigns as well as training and workshops with frontliners

In order for WAO to continue providing essential services and support to our survivors in the long run while educating the public, monetary support is vital to help us sustain our organisation. You can support us and the work we do by donating to our organisation today. 

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