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help me to save my wife life who is suffering from advanced cancer

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We often hear of heart-wrenching stories that tug at our heartstrings, but what happens when it is your spouse is being diagnosed with the Big C, and when fear and a sense of helplessness strikes you hard?

My name is Suriia, 47 years old, my wife Sarojini was diagnosed with a series of illnesses including advanced metastatic ovarian cancer, 6 years after she was first hit with abdominal discomfort back in 2010. She underwent various thorough checks in a government hospital, but tests did not reveal that she was suffering from something more severe than just abdominal pain. I gave everything, in hope of finding a cure for the persistent pain, until a news finally came crashing into our world in December 2016 –- the greatest hurdle in both our lives. Sarojini my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer . Since then, she has had her entire womb removed, severe retina complications, mouth sores and her weight plummeted from 76kg to 36kg. Every day, she is in constant, agonising pain, managing to eat a few mouthfuls of solids, and being fed intravenously most of the time.

“I want her to have hope and fight it, hope will bring miracle. My son and I can’t afford to lose her. She is the love of our lives, in fact she is the reason why I am alive. To others it is just a person but to me she is everything”.

I am confused, desperate and lost. I really don’t know what to do. I am still silently crying out loud - won’t anyone help me to save her life”.

Please hear my plea in the midst of my wife’s unending battle with cancer.

I had been caring for my wife tirelessly since her diagnosis and had explored finding the best doctors and treatments in both government and private hospitals for the love of my life. I was given hope by an ovarian Cancer Specialist at Mount Elizabeth, Government doctors were telling me that they can’t help much thus I had no choice but to get her treated in a private hospital where they managed to bring down the volume of her cancer cells .


No words can express my helplessness as I’m struggling with the exorbitant bills and seeing my wife suffer . Over the years, I had tried all ways to seek help – from meeting MPs and various government agencies to licensed moneylenders to find hope. Yet eventually, I has exhausted my means. But even with my hopes dimmed, I do not wish to give up any glimpse of hope on getting my wife treated.


I am unable to sustain the huge financial burden that battling cancer has taken on us , especially when each chemotherapy treatment costs them around S$16,000. Although our insurance will pay 70% of the bill, the balance 30% which amounts to S$4,800 has to be paid in cash by us after my Medifund has been wiped out. Over the years, i have also incurred medical arrears which add up to close to S$6,200. On top of this, I had to pay for my family's living arrears, including supporting the education of our 19-year-old school going son.

We are not receiving any public government assistance.

The suffering she is going through and the suffering I am going through words can’t describe it all , it is very painful , my heart , my mind and soul is feeling the pain , everyday I wake up with heavy heart and whenever I saw couples walking hand in hand or family walking with their kids I could cry internally for god to show mercy on us too. I had done all the extreme prayers to beg god to save her . I had attached all the documents from the doctor and before pictures of her . your contribution will help in her treatment a lot pls help me to save her . god bless all and thank you.


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    Try TCM as secondary health improve?

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    Pray for complete healing and full recovery. Take care

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    Stay strong. You’re in our prayers.

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    don't give up and keep on fighting

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