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Help Chaah Flood Victims To Rebuild Home

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Chaah is a small rural village in Segamat District, Johor, Malaysia. It is the southernmost village in the district, but it is administered as a suburb of Labis. Yes! this is my lovely hometown. Most of the people here work as a farmer for a living same as my family.

Hi everyone, I am Wan Ting, the fundraiser of this campaign, and one of the villagers too. On 1 March 2023, it suffered the worst flood since this small village was reclaimed, 95% of the village is submerged in the water for 1 day and 1 night. This flood caused a great financial loss but also 2 human lives. Since this is the place I grow up, I need to do something for my hometown. I would like to raise RM45,000.00 for Chaah flood victims to rebuild their homes as they are suffering for living after this devastating disaster. They are facing great losses such as:
1. vehicles (cars, motorbikes,...)
2. electrical appliances (refrigerators,  washing machines,  fans,  water kettles,  rice cookers,...)
3. mattresses, blankets, pillow
4. furniture (table, chair, cupboard, sofa...)
5. children's stationery, shoes, school uniforms
6. food, other basic living things
7. house
8. family members...


The purpose that I have this fundraising is to buy refrigerators, washing machines, and table fans for those Chaah flood victims who are poor and unable to afford new ones. Currently, there are a lot of kind-hearted people, NGOs, and GOs who donate rice cookers, water kettles, mattresses, blankets, food, stoves, and so on. However, those families and individuals who are poor, cannot afford new expensive electrical appliances(washing machines, refrigerators). Therefore, I cooperate with the Democratic Action Party(DAP) Puteri Wangsa Beladau to do this fundraising. The fund raised will be remitted into their account and the full amount will be used to buy the electrical appliances as listed below:
  1. Midea 204L Refrigerator
  2. SHARP Refrigerator- 285L
  3. Toshiba washing machine – 7kg
  4. Hitec automatic washing machine – 10kg
  5. Hitec 16inches Stabd Fan
  6. HiTec Table Fan 16 inches 

Reason to trigger this Fundraising

On 11 /3/2023, I went back to my hometown to help my parents to do house cleaning. I also brought back some electrical appliances donated by my kind colleague, Kendra, and her friend. I went around my village and I was stunned by what I saw.

The poor villagers left nothing inside their house, the house is empty but only left wall. One of the poor neighbor's house can't even stay in the house because the house is slanted, and the wooden walls are cracked. It is a start over for them. When I saw my neighbor's house, I was totally speechless... This triggers me that I must make this fundraising work!!! Therefore, I search for help via Facebook and luckily meet the DAP members. With their help and support, I started my first fundraising in my life~

The target villagers will benefit:

  • (poor/ single/ unmarried/ handicapped) old villagers who stay alone.
  • single and old villagers whose children have not stayed with them or their children also not afford.
  • poor families with young children(kindergarten/primary/secondary) who stay at Chaah.
I will work with the local Chaah DAP representative to evaluate the right candidate who deserves the electrical appliances. They have collected a list of poor villagers and I will ensure that the right thing will give to the right person(as I am one of the villagers... so not easy to cheat on me).

Our Target

We do our best to raise as much as possible, so we can buy more units of electrical appliances. A total of RM45,000.00 can buy 
  • Midea 204L Refrigerator  X 10 units
  • SHARP Refrigerator- 285L   X 10 units
  • Toshiba washing machine (7kg)   X 10 units
  • Hitec automatic washing machine (10kg)   X 10 units
  • Hitec 16inches Stabd Fan   X 10 units
  • HiTec Table Fan 16 inches  X 10 units

  • If we achieved our target, at least will help 45 - 50 families/ individuals!!! 
    This will ease their burden and help them get back to a normal life!!!
    ~~A small gift of money from you make a great impact on their life~~

    Flood News link
    Two police stations and a block of police quarters were affected by the recent floods, says Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani. The three buildings are the Chaah police station and police quarters in Segamat, Johor as well as the Bahau police station in Negri Sembilan. Read more at WATCH MORE ...

    Through this platform, I hope I can try my best to help my villagers to overcome this difficult time, and able to get back to normal life. Kindly spread your kindness and generosity to Chaah villagers. They need your help to overcome this disaster.

    "Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out to help our brothers and sisters affected by disasters. 
    One day it may be us or our loved ones needing someone to reach out and help." 
                          Credited by  Michael W. Hawkins, American Red Cross

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