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Tomorrow Rising Fund and HandsOn Hong Kong fundraising campaign

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About Appeal

Tomorrow Rising Fund partners with HandsOn Hong Kong: Join us to donate and volunteer!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption around the world. Schneider Electric Foundation has launched the “Tomorrow Rising Fund” to provide Response, Recovery and Resilience to the most affected communities.

To support our local vulnerable communities, we have joined hands with HandsOn Hong Kong (HandsOn), with the endorsement from the Schneider Electric Foundation. HandsOn is a registered charity whose mission is to empower everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer and address social needs. The organization has over 22,000 registered volunteers and served over 82,000 people in need in 2018.

How to contribute?

Financial Donation: You could participate by making donations here from May 4-18, 2020. All donations will be 50% matched by the Schneider Electric Foundation.
*Tax deduction is applicable for donations over HKD100. Receipts will be issued by HandsOn Hong Kong to donors directly.

How will your donation be put to use?

The fund raised will support the crisis relief efforts of HandsOn. They will:
• Distribute relief care packages directly to low-income families in Hong Kong, including food necessities and protective hygiene items.
• Provide SIM Cards to support students in need and ensure that they have access to remote studies.
• Mobilise volunteer teams to visit vulnerable communities, such as visitations to elderly and people in need. Volunteers will help them to re-establish emotional well-being and social re-connection.

We look forward to having your participation!

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  • Alex Cheung

    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    World Peace!

    HKD 188 18/05/2020

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    HKD 500 18/05/2020

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    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    Tomorrow will be better

    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    HKD 200 18/05/2020

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    HKD 1,000 18/05/2020

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    HKD 300 17/05/2020

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    HKD 1,062 16/05/2020

  • Ivan Lau

    what a meaningful event and I have to donate twice!

    HKD 1,000 16/05/2020

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    HKD 200 16/05/2020

  • Edward Wong

    HKD 500 16/05/2020