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Become a Founding Patron for the Gay Games Hong Kong 2022

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About Appeal

As a Founding Patron of the Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong 2022 you will secure your legacy in the LGBTQ+ history books and help bring the Gay Games for the first time to Asia, closer to the homes of half the world's population.  Only contributors who have achieved Patron status by Jun 30*, 2020, will be able to join the pioneering Founder Circle of the Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong.

Based on your donation or the amounts you raise as a fund raiser, you will be able to achieve Patron status or higher.  Each status tier makes your place in history more visible, and unlocks additional perks and VIP benefits.

Every dollar counts!  Even for as little as USD 100 donated or raised from your friends, you become a Friend and your name will be visible on the Wall of Fame in the Festival Village!

*due to COVID we have extended the deadline to Jul 31, 2020

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  • Carlo Huerlimann

    Looking forward to great Games in Hong Kong!

    USD 1,000 02/08/2020

  • Angus Leung and Scott Adams

    Goodluck and looking forward to the GGHK2022!

    HKD 8,000 28/07/2020

  • David Vowles

    Good Luck GGHK2022.

    USD 1,000 28/07/2020

  • Dr Chun Bun Gordon Wong

    HKD 8,000 25/07/2020

  • Rebecca Terner Lentchner

    HKD 3,888 23/07/2020

  • KC Yeo

    USD 5,000 23/07/2020

  • Peter Sargant

    HKD 6,000 22/07/2020

  • David Ko

    HKD 10,888 22/07/2020

  • Alex See

    USD 1,000 01/07/2020

  • Joe Yen Fong Lau

    HKD 200 30/06/2020

  • Mike Myers

    USD 1,000 30/06/2020

  • Sean Fitzgerald

    USD 1,005 30/06/2020

  • Budiaman Tang

    USD 1,022 30/06/2020

  • Rene Thiem

    EUR 25 29/06/2020

  • Christof

    Proud to become a Founding Patron by June 30!

    USD 280 29/06/2020