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Fundraising for Climate Crisis Awareness in Malaysia

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We need your support to raise RM15,000 to mobilize a youth led climate advocacy in 2020


1) The People's Climate March/Strikes

Climate strike will continue to be on our main agenda. We are aiming for an Asian Climate Strike end of this year together with our regional network of youth climate organizations. This strike is critical especially in this pandemic to hold governments accountable and urges them for a #JustRecovery for the people, and not corporations. The safety of the environment and people must be pushed forward and prioritized.

This year, the Malaysian parliament was supposed to table several critical climate change agendas namely; the transboundary haze act, National Adaptation Plan, and amendments to the Climate Change Act-- all of which have not been prioritised, using Covid19 as an excuse to continue to pollute. Are we ready for another crisis?

The strike could be either on the streets or a digital climate strike, or both depending on the situation. The funds will go to the preparation of the advocacy material, events, and meetings with other civil society organizations, CSOs and NGOs prior to the strikes.

2) Climate Workshops

The climate workshop modules vary amongst the communities we are working with. We have successfully run 24 workshops since April 2019 in various schools, refugee school, universities, colleges, indigenous communities, forest communities and art communities as well as introductory courses for NGOs and CSOs.

Despite the pandemic, we manage to run online and physical climate workshops following strict health and safety SOPs.

3) Networking and capacity building

Ongoing discussion with targeted local CSOs to increase understanding of climate impacts among communities.

Ongoing efforts in building a strong network of youth-led climate organizations in Southeast Asia, and reshaping a global south narrative in our climate discourse.

4) Haze

Let's clear the air! We run a series of workshops, events and webinar in collaboration with various national and regional groups in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to demystify the transboundary haze issue with what that is happening on the ground and rebuild the civil society's movement to hold government and corporations accountable 

5) Forest

The Forest campaign remains one of our strongest pursuits to demand Forest protection as our strategy mitigate and adapt to climate impacts. We work with forest communities, mostly urban forest communities around Klang Valley and the indigenous communities in Peninsula Malaysia and Borneo. Workshops are held to collect data and increase understanding of the climate-landrights intersection. Indigenous communities must be empowered and lead the climate discourse in Malaysia. 

6) Mobilisasi Mahasiswa

Youth at universities is the vehicle for our divestment campaigns at universities. This program overlaps with our climate workshop, and capacity building training. However, this campaign was put on hold during the closure of universities during the MCO. We aim to continue building capacities of students to demand the education institution to not only divest from polluting companies but put pressure to government to listen to SCIENCE.

7) Covid19 Response

KAMY run several Covid19 response initiatives to help rebuild community resilience during the pandemic. Our current and running project is the #MisiBantuOA, a collaborative initiative to centralize relief effort to the indigenous communities in Peninsula Malaysia. Currently, we have developed a disaster relief mechanism build on gender-sensitive intervention consists of food, sanitary items including dignity kits for women and young children. Today, 30 villages of around 1600 families (approximately 6000 people) have received our aid. We are now in the midst of planning for the recovery effort of selected indigenous communities.

8) #MYClimateStory

We are building a repository of climate information and stories from the communities on the ground to provide a local climate narrative that is credible and compelling.  The data will be a baseline inventory and reference to our climate content creation, reports and other advocacy purposes such as lobbying.

9) Gender and Women

Gender and climate intersection are still in its infancy in Malaysia. KAMY is still mapping the baseline information on the initiatives by different groups in Malaysia, mostly from the communities we are working with on the ground.

We are also mainstreaming gender-sensitive perspectives in all of our projects and campaigns. 

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