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Flood Relief Fund -BEES needs your help after the storms

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About Appeal

On the last weekend of August 2019, our little sleepy Town of Maechaem was devastated with flash flooding. When the water finally receded we were left scratching our heads wondering how we were going to tackle all the damages and the mess of the floods and storms. The was debris everywhere, a lot of soil has eroded and a lot of soil has washed away exposing the cement under the night enclosure posts and piping that delivers fresh water to the elephants water troughs. The rain caused landslides and BEES road is more damaged now then ever before. Right now we are implementing short terms solutions such has placing gravel and soil on the dirt road and doing small cement jobs over pipes and as enclosure reinforcements.

With your help, we need to raise funds so that when dry season comes we will have funding so we can create long term solutions such as creating a barrier on the banks of the stream to stop further erosion (e.g. Gabion Baskets or some kind of enforcement) and cementing the road to BEES, as well as repairing damages and making site improvements to avoid problems the best we can in the future.

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  • Victoria Rodriguez

    USD 25 20/09/2019

  • Lindsay Gallant

    I had the opportunity to visit Bee's Elephant Sanctuary today and was blown away by the amazing organization. I with you all the best of luck & I know I will be returning <3

    CAD 25 20/09/2019

  • Nicole Stob

    USD 25 15/09/2019

  • JOAN Huddleston

    I am donating in honor of my dear friend, Seema Grover, whose mother passed away, surrounded by her children, on August 29. Seema loves the elephants deeply and is grateful to her mother who taught her of integrity, compassion and gave unconditional love. xxx much love, Joan

    USD 25 13/09/2019

  • JOAN Huddleston

    Thank you for all you do. good luck with all the cleanup. love to you and the elephants and dogs and cats.

    USD 30 12/09/2019

  • Anonymous

    MYR 10 11/09/2019

  • Kathryn Lloyd

    Thinking of you all at BEES. I hope this helps towards fixing the storm damage x

    THB 1,200 11/09/2019

  • Alison Chaston

    So heartbreaking to see the flood damage knowing how hard you work at BEES to provide a beautiful, safe retirement for the elephants. Sending you lots of love Ali & Peter xx

    AUD 100 08/09/2019

  • Christine Nguyen

    Thanks for helping elephants!

    USD 20 08/09/2019

  • Anonymous

    CAD 10 07/09/2019

  • Kelly Graybill

    Hope you are all safe. Thinking of you. 😍

    USD 50 07/09/2019

  • Cindy Angelo

    Thank you for caring for the elephants in your care and for working so hard to rebuild after the flooding. Stay strong.

    THB 1,500 07/09/2019

  • Joanne Smith

    GBP 50 07/09/2019

  • Gemma Annan

    Lots of Love guys!

    GBP 13 07/09/2019

  • Jodie McPherson

    THB 2,500 07/09/2019