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#WhiteFlag: Feeding the hungry / #BendaraPutih: Pembekalan makanan percuma / #白旗: 救济行动

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About Appeal

16 months later, Malaysia is still very much in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recently arrived at 1 million cases in the country, with hundreds of deaths each day. Small businesses remain closed. People are losing their jobs. Friends and loved ones are passing away.

Many of our fellow Malaysians are going hungry each night. They are human beings just like you and me.  Grandparents, families, children and grandchildren. They all deserve to eat.

These people are desperately searching for their next meal, not sure where it is going to come from.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Savor Of Life supplied thousands of doctors with free meals for 3 months and gave out free food to the elderly and the sick. 

Now, we need your help to do the same for our fellow Malaysians who are suffering from hunger. A small sum of RM200 will keep a Malaysian fed for an entire month. 

How it Works / 如何操作?/ Bagaimana ia dilaksanakan?

  • Every day, based on the donations we receive, we'll deliver 50-200 meals to NGOs that have a verified list of B40 families and neglected people
  • These will be Savor of Life meals - plant-based meals to improve health and boost your immune system
  • We are producing them at cost and DO NOT make a profit from doing this,
  • If we receive more donations each day we will hold some in reserve so that we can maintain the food delivery daily.
  • If we receive a lot more donations then we will make more meals each day. There are thousands of people desperately looking for help
  • Berdasarkan jumlah sumbangan yang kami terima pada setiap hari, kami akan membekalkan sebanyak 50-200 bungkusan makanan kepada NGO yang mempunyai senarai yang sah bagi keluarga golongan B40 dan orang-rang yang terabai/tidak mempunyai rumah.
  • Bungkusan makanan ini adalah dari Savor Of Life - iaitu makanan berasaskan tumbuhan untuk membantu memperbaiki tahap kesihatan dan meningkatkan sistem pertahanan tubuh.
  • Pihak kami menyediakan makanan tersebut dengan kos sebenar tanpa mengambil sebarang keuntungan.
  • Sekiranya kami mendapat lebih banyak sumbangan pada setiap hari, kami akan menyimpan sebilangannya agar penghantaran makanan dapat dilaksanakan setiap hari.
  • Sekiranya kami mendapat lebih banyak sumbangan, maka kami akan dapat menyediakan lebih banyak bungkusan makanan pada setiap hari. Terdapat beribu-ribu orang yang terdesak dan memerlukan pertolongan setiap hari.

About Savor of Life / 有关Savor of Life / Mengenai Savor Of Life

Savor of Life helps people transform their health by providing lifestyle coaching and a healthy diet. It is ideal for people who are overweight, diabetic, have hypertension or high cholesterol.

Savor of Life借着提供个人生活形态辅导及健康饮食帮助人们改变个人健康。这项服务适合过重、糖尿病、高血压或高胆固醇患者。

Savor of Life membantu untuk meningkatkan kesihatan mereka melalui jurulatih kesihatan dan diet pemakanan sihat. Program ini ideal untuk membantu orang yang mengalami masalah berat badan berlebihan, kencing manis, tekanan darah tinggi, dan kolesterol berlebihan. 

Who is Involved? / 涉及人物 / Siapa yang terlibat?

Dr Shaun Kuan is a medical doctor who specialises in lifestyle and preventative medicine through his company Savor of Life

Shaun Kuan 医生藉着他所创办的公司,Savor of Life, 主修生活型态医学及预防医学。

Dr Shaun Kuan ialah seorang doktor perubatan khusus dalam bidang perubatan pencegahan dan gaya hidup melalui syarikatnya Savor of Life.

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