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Entering university life, I was confident that my mom who is a single mother, raising us four siblings, will be able to survive on her monthly wages working as a government servant. My first year, I did not have to pay any additional fees as my PTPTN loan (I was eligible for only 75% loan) and the bursary scheme I have received from the university as a reward for achieving good results in my Foundation year managed to cover it. Entering my second-year degree, with a heavy heart I had to ask my mom to pay for the additional fees costing around RM1500 for my 4th semester or else I would not be able to sit for my exam. I know she does not have the cash yet she said she will look for it. One day, I received a message from my mom. In the message, she reminded me to pay the fees as soon as possible to prevent me from accidentally misusing the money for a different purpose. Later did I know, she took the money from baby-me saving. It was not much, only enough to cover for my 4th and 5th-semester leftover fees that PTPTN is not able to cover. And now, I am in my 5th semester. The fees for the current semester is settled. To not add to my mother's burden in giving me monthly allowance and at the same time paying for my study fees for the upcoming semesters, I am requesting help from the society. I could not bring myself to ask the money from my mom again, at the same time, I want to pursue my tertiary education. I do not even want to have the thought of having to stop studying because I love it. I enjoy my study life so bad and there are still a lot of things I want to do as a university student. I believe that I am here today to make a change!

Ps: I am just another student struggling to pay off her study fees. I know lots of others are under the same problem too. But I have faith in humanity. I believe in miracle. Together, we can help each other. Today I am helped, tomorrow, I am helping.

I am raising a small amount of RM2000 only as I solely want to maintain my pure intention for this fundraising, which is to reduce my mother's burden as well as to not face any problem in my following semester. 

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