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18 October, 2018: A senior monk has demanded that ALL animals be removed from a significant pagoda in Phnom Penh.

To our knowledge, the decision will affect around 40 animals.

His plan is to put all of the cats in bags and dump them in a rice field on the outskirts of the city. After this, he will come back for the dogs.

The animals are domesticated and fed by the pagoda residents, if they are dumped they will be terrified and defenceless. We are even more horrified as in these areas dogs and cats are snatched and killed for their meat.

With the support of people like you over the past two years, many of these animals have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and they are well cared-for by the pagoda residents. The idea that these animals can be carted off, essentially to their death, is too much to bear.

We have tried to reason and negotiate with the monk, but his mind is made up. He claims that “the animals are dirty” and that he does not like to have animals at the pagoda. These are his justifications for abandoning the cats and dogs that are so dependent on the mercy and protection of the monks.

We desperately need your help.

We have convinced the monk to let us take the animals instead, and we have until October 20th to safely remove them all from the pagoda and relocate them to our center.

For this to happen, we urgently need to raise $110 per animal to cover their care, including;

  • Recruiting a short-term animal caretaker to feed and care for them
  • Food for at least three months
  • Litter boxes, bedding, and food bowls
  • Medications and medical treatments

In addition, we need $1,500 to fence the terrace and rooftop at our center to make space for all of these additional animals. It will also enable us to house more animals in the future, and is an investment that will benefit many more to come!

Your donation is essential to save these animals! We currently don’t have the space or funds to take them in, but we just cannot turn them away.

Please donate today!



We have started removing the animals from the pagoda. With the support of the residents, we were able to catch 15 today and they are now safe in our center.

Although our center was already at full capacity, we couldn't turn the pagoda animals away. We have quickly fenced the rooftop area at ARC to make more space.

Over the weekend, our team saved another 23 animals! The pagoda residents are devastated to be losing their companions, but they know it is a better outcome than if they were removed by force and dumped outside the city.

Somewhat good news at last! We heard from the pagoda residents that the monk has agreed to let the five dogs stay at the pagoda, for now. The residents know to call us immediately if the situation changes, but they are safe for now!

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