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Education Centre for Orang Asli children

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Help Orang Asli villagers of Semai tribe build an education centre for their children! 
In 6 months of teaching children of Pos Woh, our international volunteering crew has collected hundreds of books, stationaries, media devices and assisted in installing a satellite at the village, to provide the indigenous children and their parents a stable internet connection. 
 Unfortunately, there is no proper building that the villagers can use for the classes and to store the shared education materials, so at the moment children have to conduct the activities outdoors. 
The villagers have offered a piece of land to build such a building, the safe space for the children to learn, develop and grow, where their own teachers from the neighbourhood villages and the volunteers from different institutions could organise educational workshops, English classes and skill-building social activities. They will build it on their own, but they need money on construction materials, that they estimate will cost RM17500 (4260$).

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    Building Fund Assistance RM 350 from Ms Vicki Fennessy thro Ms Rajee

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    May God bless you dear. Such a good heart.

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    I am truly touched by the good deeds you have done. Thank you and may the Lord bless you abundantly 🙏🏻🥰

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    For your love and care Val x

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    Dear Val, always here to help. Dear friends..pls help too❤❤always happy to help a good cause

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    Thank you for the amazing work that you're doing!

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