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Save the Long Beach Cats

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PLEASE HELP SAVE THE LONG BEACH CATS - They are starving and are being threatened with inhumane treatment, "dumping" or even being killed. 

For years, tourists from all over the world have dined at the bustling Long Beach Food Court in the tourist town of Batu Ferringhi. But with the global pandemic and the MCO, now there the food court stands empty. A resident cat colony greeted the diners who fed them tidbits and the cats cleaned up the leftovers. Now they are starving and the colony needs to be removed. The management wants them gone.

To save the cats, volunteers are willing to capture the cats and remove them to Cat Beach Sanctuary or other locations. They will need testing for viruses, parasite treatments, and most importantly, vaccinations. Then also sterilization (spay/neuter) would keep the colony size manageable. 

With your help, these sweet cats can be saved. They have been around people all their lives so some may be adoptable, especially the kittens that can be socialized.

This situation is seen so many places but Long Beach is close to Cat Beach - and the cats' future is of deep concern to local cat lovers. Please help save the Long Beach Cats.

Budget:  20 cats - 

Virus Test - RM 30 x 20 = RM 600

Vacccinations -  RM 30 x 20 = RM 600

Parasite Treatment - deworm, deflea spoton - RM 35 X 20 = 700

Sterilization (10 spay @ RM 80, 10 castration RM 50) = 800 + 500 = 1300

= RM 3200

OTHER EXPENSES: Transport, Carriers, Cages, Food

GOAL: RM 5000

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    Pls save them thank you

    MYR 750 20/11/2020