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Never forget - Baby Whee - Fundraising for Emergency Vet Care for Cats

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BABY WHEE - all of us at Cat Beach will never forget you! He came to Cat Beach as a neonate kitten, the sole survivor when his littermates all died. As he got better, his zest for life had him jumping around. He was named WHEE because he whizzed all over the place. Whee was our Baby - Baby Whee came to his name, cuddled, and loved us as we loved him. 

His best friend was LEGOLAS, the 3-legged cat. We first heard of him as a Legless cat about to be dumped at a market. His preferred name is Legolas, King of the Elves in the "Lord of the Rings." His leg was chopped by a cruel person with a machete and necessitated a very expensive amputation. When he came home to Cat Beach, he was clearly depressed. But BABY WHEE started playing with his tail, biting his ears, and teasing him. Legolas perked up out of his depression and became Cat Daddy to a number of kittens, licking, cleaning and playing with them. We even caught him in a photo kissing Baby Whee.

Baby Whee's health was always up and down like that of many cats rescued from the streets. It seems likely he harbored viruses inherited from his mother, though after numerous treatments, he was surely free of parasites and bacterial infections. This year, he spent more than a month in a veterinary hospital, then returned to Cat Beach where he seemed happy and content to receive a lotta love from the cat carers and visitors. 

In late April, he started to go down - lethargic, vomiting, sneezing sometimes, breathing difficulties - Whee was in & out of the hospital. Finally, in early May, he was diagnosed with FIV. We had such hope as FIV cats can live 5 years or more with the disease. But he had a sudden drop in energy, his heartbeat slowed and breathing became shallow. Despite the veterinarians best efforts, he passed away. Gone but never forgotten. RIP dearest Baby Whee.

In memory of Baby Whee, this fundraiser aims first to pay off his considerable veterinary bills. Any donations received above that expense will go towards veterinary care for other cats.

Cat Beach only takes cats that come from life-or-death situations so we see many that are sick or injured and try to get them the best care we can. Last month's veterinary bills came to RM 6000 for a cat that needed amputation, several sick with parvo virus, a cat with a broken jaw that needed specialized surgery, as well as vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries. RM 5000 (USD $1200) is the monthly average of veterinary costs to Cat Beach = RM 60,000 (USD $14,500) per year. 

Your gift of support in memory of Baby Whee will mean so much!

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