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Jakarta Marathon - 42km of smog & pain

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For this campaign I am raising money for the junior school in Mandiri (Krui, Sumatra) by running the hot, smoggy, 42km Jakarta Marathon on the 27th October.

The school has 50 kids & is for ages 6- 12 years old. Due to the lack of teachers and facilities the two classrooms are each divided in half by a wooden board so that two lessons can be taught in the same classroom simultaneously.  The school doesn't have enough desks or chairs for each child so many are forced to stand. The buildings are run down, the classrooms are dirty and the text books are worn out.

With help from the village leader we're going to donate all the money from this campaign to the schools development and up keep. Anything at all you can donate will be greatly appreciated as every little helps.

If you've been out here to Sumatra before you'll know how special this place is and it's the children that will eventually be in charge of keeping it that way. Hopefully we can help in some way to contribute to the longevity of this wonderful place... 

If i'm still alive after the Marathon, then we'll start to plan the next fundraiser and see what else we can do together for this place that we love so much.

Cheers guys... really appreciate it!

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