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Give the Gift of Second Chance

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"Give the Gift of Second Chance" fundraising campaign is our online fundraiser for 2016 and we need to raise $100,000 to provide us with critical funds required to sustain us into 2017. Last year, we spent over $750,000 to provide care and support to our community of caregivers and the community cats who call the streets their home. $250,000 provided free sterilisation to nearly 5000 cats, $120,000 gave critical support to the veterinary bills for 200 sick, injured or abused community cats and more than $160,000 was spent resolving 2000 mediation cases humanely.

Cat Welfare Society is not just about cats; It's also about making human connections and rebuilding lives to help those who are less fortunate. This is why we are always on the frontline to provide humane solutions and to change the way people view animal welfare and cats.

We are not funded by the government and we rely solely on the kindness of our donors over the years to keep us going. This has not changed. We need to reach our fundraising target because so many lives rely on our resources. Not meeting our target may mean a cut back on the ways that we can extend help to those in need. 
  • Every $50 goes towards sterilising 2 community cats at a subsidized rate. Sterilisation is the only humane way to manage the community population. 
  • Every $100 helps a caregiver using our Special Appeals to provide medical treatment to cats in need. Lend a hand to our network of selfless cat guardians. 
  • Every $200 helps us to make headway in critical Special Projects such as the hoarder case in Yishun. Provide financial support for those less fortunate and in turn, help save their cats. 
  • Every $300 helps provide a volunteer mediator with a month's worth of critical resources to provide humane solutions to the community and prevent unnecessary and cruel culling of innocent cats.       
The power to change the way we approach animal welfare in Singapore is in your hands. Please DONATE GENEROUSLY and help us impact more lives today!

Please DONATE & SHARE with your friends. You can even take on a fundraising challenge (click "Fundraise for this appeal" link above) to help us achieve our goal of $100,000.  

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  • kavitha Ramamurthy

    SGD 100 30/12/2016

  • Indulekshmi Rajeswari

    SGD 100 30/12/2016

  • Hsuet Funn Chan

    Thank you for saving our stray cats :)

    SGD 580 30/12/2016

  • Qing liang Heng

    Spread love!

    SGD 20 28/12/2016

  • Anonymous

    SGD 50 26/12/2016

  • Su Lin Ong

    SGD 100 25/12/2016

  • Vivienne Chan

    SGD 250 25/12/2016

  • Ziyu Lin

    SGD 25 25/12/2016

  • Julinda Mega

    Keep up the great work!

    SGD 500 24/12/2016

  • Jo Deakin

    SGD 100 24/12/2016

  • Carol Chin

    SGD 100 24/12/2016

  • Berny Tan

    SGD 100 23/12/2016

  • Anonymous

    SGD 25 22/12/2016

  • Nicole Tan

    Thank you for helping the cats!

    SGD 500 22/12/2016

  • Audrey Poon

    SGD 100 22/12/2016