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Society tend to misunderstand about autistics, they believe autistic persons are with low IQ, antisocial and hiding themselves from others. Yet, some of them have the usual intelligence, also their learning and working abilities might be same with us, and they desire to get closer to others. This wish may be resisted by their different extents of inherent communication and social skills.

Hence, our organisation has started the international musical talent event “Autistic Talent Gala”. During the past few years, we invited the autistic persons from over 20 countries around the world to participate our competition in Hong Kong. Those autistic contestants were encouraged to reveal their talents on stage and their performance will be post on the social medias, in order to gain more chance for different people from various societies to communicate and better understand about autism.

Due to the huge amount of expenditure for this event, we hope everyone in the society can offer a small amount of donation to support our event, and encourage those autistics to present their musical talent!

很多人對自閉症有所誤解,認為自閉症人士 (下稱星兒) 都是低智力、性格孤僻,抗拒與別人交往。其實,他們有些是智力正常,學習和工作能力跟正常人無異,而且十分渴望與人交往,只是他們在溝通和社交發展方面出現不同程度的缺損。



Autistic Talent Gala 2017星兒才藝展魅力2017

We're providing a chance for the autistic to participate in social functions, to mingle and share with other members of society. By offering an occasion for the autistic to show their talents in public, their self-confidence could be built up. This enables the public to appreciate and respect the outstanding talents of the autistic through this competition. 


How your funds would be used? 您的捐款將被如何善用?

We would use the funds raised to invite the finalists to come to Hong Kong for them to participate in this talent gala event. Together, we help create a platform for them to communicate with autistic individuals from different culture and backgrounds. In order to make this possible, we need funds for the following areas:

  • Airfare and accommodation costs for overseas autism groups
  • Venue fees for events
  • Insurance, transportation, and personnel cost
  • Equipment rental fees
  • Documentation cost
  • Catalogue design and printing


•   海外自閉症團體的機票和住宿費用

•   活動場地費

•   保險,運輸和人員費用

•   設備租賃費

•   文件費用

•   目錄冊設計和印刷費用 

Every donation, regardless of the amount, counts!


On behalf of the autistic persons concerned, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness!


About AnAn 關於安安

AnAn International Education Foundation ( is a Hong Kong based organization focused on the furtherance of education for the autism kids, development of tools and opportunities for the autism community and friendly exchange with counterparts in various countries. We have organized the Gala since 2014.

香港安安國際自閉症教育基金會 ( 是一間香港的慈善機構。我們致力於推動自閉症人士的教育、康復、醫療科研、社會呼籲,及加強與國內外資訊交流等工作。自從2014年以來,我們每年都為自閉症人士舉辦【星兒才藝展魅力】音樂才藝活動,藉此為他們提供一個展示才藝的平台。

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