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On 9/10/18, our friend, Izni from the faculty of law, University of Malaya found her bag stolen by a stranger who's from outside UM. Due to this unfortunate event, she lost her most important belongings ie her laptop, phone and her purse.

Laptop is deemed to be the most essential as we're in our midst of our semester, with assignments and tests approaching. Hence, we want to help Izni ease her financial burden in getting a new laptop as soon as possible so that she can keep up the pace in this demanding juncture.

On a side note, we want to also reach out to people from our faculty and essentially those who are in UM, to ALWAYS keep a look out on their belongings at all times and be vigilant when seeing strangers around the compound.

We chose this platform to ensure transparency in the money contributed. Should further clarifications and details be needed, do not hesitate to drop me an email at

Thank you in advance on behalf of Izni! We will be updating from time to time.

*We've also checked the CCTV in the faculty which caught the thief's appearance and lodged a police report.

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    You will always have our support! Stay strong izni

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    Let's gone through this together sis!

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