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Thank you DB driver Foon, we appreciate you!!!

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Please help to show your support and appreciation for Discovery Bay Transport worker Foon.


As many of you are by now aware there has been a 90 second clip circulating the internet showing two Female tourists verbally and physically abusing DBTSL bus driver Foon at Discovery Bay North Plaza.


After an outcry of public support from not only the residents of Discovery Bay but also some city lawmakers and other outlets Foon published a two page letter expressing his gratitude for the support received and explaining that he had not wanted to make a big deal about the incident at risk of possibly losing his job which he relays on to support his Mother.


Details of his letter as below (* Below translation source Y.SCMP *)


He tells his readers that he was born and raised in Hong Kong, and did not come from a well-off family. 

“Growing up, my family taught me to not bother anyone around me. So after this incident, though I felt hurt, I'd put it down to having a bad day.”

The letter goes on to say he didn't wish to risk losing his job over the incident because he has a mother, who is partially paralysed and suffers from severe cognitive impairment due to a stroke, to care for. However, he was so surprised to find people were concerned - “I didn’t know people would care at first, I simply didn’t want to lose my job because of the incident” - that after last week, he realised his inaction may have been wrong.

“Due to the care and encouragement from the residents of Discovery Bay, concern from HKR International Limited and Hong Kong Resort Company Limited (the companies he works for), and from the Hong Kong people" he decided to fully coorperate with the Hong Kong Police in their investigations into the incident.

“Whatever the outcome, all of your kindness and virtue made me realised there’s love in Hong Kong. I’m proud to be serving Discovery Bay residents,” he writes in conclusion before wishing everyone a happy life.

His original letters as below;


See links below;



If anyone can spare a little bit as a sign of appreciation and support for Foon it will no doubt be greatly appreciated, perhaps together we can make Foon’s CNY that little bit more special this year.

Let show what we can do with that good old DB togetherness spirit!!!!

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  • Megan W

    HKD 100 30/01/2019

  • Michael Moon

    Thank you for your service to DB community.

    HKD 100 29/01/2019

  • Amy

    Thank you. I admired the way you handled yourself in an undoubtedly scary and tense situation. Thank you for your service to the DB Community. You are appreciated.

    HKD 150 29/01/2019

  • Ian and Sunshine Calton

    HKD 300 28/01/2019

  • Olena Lyubovska

    HKD 100 28/01/2019

  • Rahila Refaaq

    Thank you Mr.Foon you are amazing and we do appreciate you! Kung Hei Fat Choi

    HKD 200 28/01/2019

  • Stephen Owens

    HKD 200 28/01/2019

  • Stella Phillips

    Thank you , we appreciate you

    HKD 100 28/01/2019

  • Linda Pryce

    Kung Hei Fat Chou Mr Foon!

    HKD 100 28/01/2019

  • Marion Udall

    I'm so sorry this happened to you and hope those 2 ladies are found and prosecuted.

    HKD 100 28/01/2019

  • Renu Malani

    Kung Hei Fat Choy. Your self control in a such challenging situation was admirable.

    HKD 100 28/01/2019

  • Pettersson Denise

    Happy CNY 🌸

    HKD 300 28/01/2019

  • Jesse Politis

    HKD 300 28/01/2019

  • James & Rhianna

    Happy CNY Foon!!

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