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Hello everyone!

My name is Hakim, 25 years old and I am from Malaysia. I am an undergraduate Degree student majoring in Records Management in one of the public universities in Malaysia. I aim to come up with this campaign to seek some generous donation from you guys in assisting me by locating some funds to pay off my outstanding Diploma fees when I was in a private university. I came from a low-income family and every donation means so much for me.

The following are the expenses needed to be settled according to the letter that I have received:

E-Resources Fees - RM 275

Registration Fees - RM 100

Course Fees - RM 4,033.33

Withdrawal Fees - RM 200

At the time being, I still have another 1 year and a half left (3 semesters) to finish my Degree and seek for job employment. Right now, we are having our semester break after a long COVID-19 online learning class. I have been locating numerous kinds of part-time jobs but to no avail, as my family can’t afford to help me settle the outstanding amount when I was studying for one short semester during my Diploma at this particular private university.

I do want to finish my degree as it would be a waste if I have to drop out of my financial problems. My one true goal after graduating is to find any kind of job employment within any relevant industry related to my studies field. I have a great interest in anything related to GLAM (gallery, library, archive, and museum).

For the past years, the economic crisis strikes many of us which makes everyone struggle to put food on the table. My dad currently works as a Government servant and will be retiring soon. He is also doing a part-time job as one of the Grab drivers. He has been mentioning to me that it is hard to find rider when COVID strike. This somehow devastated me. He has also constantly doing overtime at his workplace. My mom is a housewife and she also currently taking care of my aunt's children as a source of side income. My little sister and I are currently studying and are trying our best to support our family as well.

In 2015, my dad have encouraged me to continue my tertiary education as he wanted me to have a Diploma. I have been accepted into a private university where I was promised to be granted a scholarship due to my high school results. I accepted it and enrolled in the course of Diploma in Human Resource Management. During my time there, I have attended the class, as usual, doing all the assignments, participate in quizzes and tests, but as the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold.

During the final examination week, I was unable to print out the examination slip and thus, seeking the staff to assist me with my problems. It came as a shocking moment to me when I have been told that I need to pay any outstanding fees before I could sit for the exam. This is something that isn’t very pleasant to be heard as during the registration process I was told not to worry and that everything will be covered by the scholarship. I keep on visiting the students' affairs office several times and keep on asking on my application but all that I ever received is that my scholarship application is still under process even until the very last minute.

It somehow a truly scary moment having to explain it to my family. My dad somehow calms me down and tells me to just leave the college and applied for the public university instead. I went to continue my Diploma in one of the public universities in Malaysia majoring in Information Science Management. Thus, sparks the interest within me to want to know more about the information science-related field. Thanks to the constant support from my family and friends, I managed to graduate on time, getting the Dean List every semester, becoming the first male recipient for the Vice-Chancellor Awards, and even given the recognition as one of the best students within my faculty. My dad and mom then encourage me to take the Degree level due to my constant achievement. I did. And now I am halfway through to finish my Degree year as well.

Last week, I have been getting some calls from my private universities asking me to settle the outstanding amount of fees when I was studying there. I told them many times regarding my cases and those whole promising scholarship things but still, I did not receive a proper solution. Somehow, I am stuck with the outstanding fees of RM4,608 that is equal to $1,100 and also the main reason why I have starting my campaign here. And this is also why I need to seek generous donations from you guys to help me ease the burden of my family to settle this. The fees need to be settled sooner as I have been receiving a text from them saying that legal action will be taken as well.

I am currently under a study loan and wasn’t even eligible for any scholarship due to my age whereas most of the scholarship providers in Malaysia required its applicants to be from the age of 18 to 22. My family has been trying to locate any kind of scholarship even the state scholarship to fund my Degree level but to no luck. Even though I have been getting a good result every semester of 3.5 and above, age restriction has become a huge obstacle for me. Still, I did not give up until today as I am constantly looking for funds. I did not want to give up that easily as I believe good things will come to me soon or later and also that I know, God is testing me to be a better person.

Whenever I was in the hostel, my parents will allocate some pocket money every month for me to buy some of the daily necessities such as food supplies and school supplies. I will have this habit of mine to always go for the cheapest items instead of the expensive one. The leftover amount will be saved and carried forwards to another month. I am the type that eating less as I always said to myself that I came to University to study and not to waste my time doing unproductive things. And by this, I am very thankful as well to have a circle of friends from a different background where they have constantly encouraging me and supporting me to always be a positive person.

During the semester break, I usually go for any kind of part-time job that I could find. I have been within the tourism industry, retail, food and beverage, and even volunteering for any kind of event that I could find as volunteering makes me happy. But due to the current pandemic, it is hard enough for me to find any part-time job within the area that I am currently residing in. But it did not stop me from doing other things such as online business.

Apart from that, I am also active in so many kinds of co-curriculum activities. I have been appointed as the Secretary for the Students Representative Council back when I was in Diploma. Also, recently, I have been appointed as one of my faculty ambassadors to welcome students and staff from other countries to come to Malaysia and to visit our faculty to get to learn more about our country as well as the beauty of Information Management fields. Also, I just started to involve myself in an NGO’s program called Digital Parliament created by the Undi 18 association where I have been appointed as the Observer for my state.

As to finish my introduction, I do want to finish my degree as soon as I can. I have seen a clear goal of where I will go with my certificates and my skills upon graduation. I am constantly striving and striking to ace any obstacles that I am currently facing. Therefore, it would be a really big pleasure for me if you could help me with my campaign. I promise all of the funds will be used to settle down my outstanding fees. Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

I would be happy if you could use the "Donate" button to share my project too! Thank you so much, everyone.

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