Since you can't buy me dinner or present for my birthday, why not give that money to a community that really needs it? Let's celebrate my birthday a little different this year!

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I'm celebrating my birthday by giving this year, and I would love for you to be a part of this too.

For every giving, let me mail (yes by post, in an envelope) to you, or a person of your choice, a little hand-painted encouragement note! 
Here's how we can make it work:
  1. Give any amount you'd like to support this cause
    Between now till 19 November, funds go directly to Refuge For The Refugee so I don't take any amount
  2. Fill in this form with all the necessary details
  3. Surprise someone or wait for your thank you artwork :)

Want to know what you'll be contributing to? Read on below!
Hello! I'm Anndrea, and my birthday falls on 19 October (every year, yes in case you're wondering). Growing up, I always felt attached to my birthday, because it meant I could feast with family and friends, and go on unlimited amount of catch ups or even getting coffee shouts from my friends. 

That said, the pandemic didn't do anyone good this year. It kept most of us confined within our homes, and got us socially (and physically) distant when we were within the same spaces - that also essentially means I won't be able to celebrate my birthday like how I used to. Also since Facebook's been encouraging me to do a birthday fundraiser, I mean... no harm giving it a shot right? 

Now, since you'll have all that money not spent on me this year, why not share it with me as I give away my birthday to those who really needs it?

Months ago (when BLM was a major issue globally), I remember searching for the marginalized communities here in Malaysia only to end up reading quite a bit about the refugee situations in our country instead. Having to understand how majority of us don't seem to bother simply because we don't see, experience or know how bad their situations are, aside that fact that many dealing directly with the refugees treating them as less human (which is impossible), I really wanted to do something to support this community however possible.

So I got in touch with Heidy from Refuge For The Refugee to find out what you and I could contribute through my birthday fundraiser. Here are some of the causes you'll be giving to support the refugee community:
  • New Mental Health Initiative
    Funds will be utilized to provide access to mental health for the refugees who come from war-torn countries. Many of them suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD, and bringing in trained professionals will teach them skills to cope better.

  • Basic Necessities At Detention Centres
    Funds will be used for purchasing of basic necessities for the refugees. In lieu of the rising Covid-19 cases, detention centres have asked RFTR if they bring in additional basic necessities supplies for the refugees currently detained for various reasons.
  • Laptops For Education
    Funds will also be channelled to purchase laptops for refugee kids so they are able to continue studying, especially now that schools need to be closed once again. With the fluctuating cases, many schools may alternate between physical class and online studying when required, and having a laptop for the refugee kids make it possible for them to keep up in their studies.
If you asked me why I did this only this year, I too wish I'd started sooner - but it's never too late to start! Thank YOU for contributing to a cause I stand for, and celebrating my birthday with me!

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    MYR 25 24/10/2020

  • You Ting Tan

    MYR 100 23/10/2020

  • Shriya Shan

    MYR 35 21/10/2020

  • Chi Cheng Yap

    Happy birthday Anndrea! May you continue to shine in with grace and loving kindness.

    MYR 50 20/10/2020

  • Anonymous

    Love your heart! Happy birthday!

    MYR 50 20/10/2020

  • Theresa Teh

    Happy birthday, Anndrea. Thanks for doing this for a good cause♥️

    MYR 50 20/10/2020

  • Anonymous

    MYR 200 20/10/2020

  • Sze Wei, Goh

    MYR 50 19/10/2020

  • Janice Heng

    Happy Birthday Andrea! Thank you for having such a big big big heart! May you be blessed!

    MYR 150 19/10/2020

  • Anonymous

    MYR 500 19/10/2020

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