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CWS is a Hong Kong registered charity, working with children, communities and partners. Our mission is to provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children, youth, women and their families. Each year CWS supports 30, 000 children directly and thousands more indirectly.

Many students drop out of school in Nepal due to a lack of resources, a lack of proper teacher training, a lack of facilities and a lack of motivation. Keeping a child in school not only gives them a better education and a better life, it also protects them from exploitation.
The best we can do for a child is to ensure they stay in school as long as possible. Working together with the Government, our partner Right4Children, identified 48 schools that will be supported over a 4 year project. The schools will receive physical improvements (toilets, water system, playground, library, brighter classrooms etc), as well as teacher training and educational materials. Making schools more colourful, fun, bright and interesting and safe will mean fewer children will drop out. To learn more about this great cause take a look here:

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