We are cleaning up Hong Kong, saving our planet and raising money for Outward Bound HK. Please support us by making a donation! 清潔香港,拯救地球,Bring in Change 為 Outbound Bound HK 籌集捐款,請大家慷慨解嚢﹗

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We are Team Bring in Change! We are a group of sport enthusiasts who are passionate in serving our community. We are participating in 2020 Adventure Clean up Challenge on Oct 24-26th and fundraising for the amazing charity Outward Bound HK. Without them, we simply wouldn't be able to reach as far and wide as we are with the challenge. They are providing logistics, water transport, equipment and helping with trash collection from those sites that have no bins nearby.

Bring in Change 由一群熱愛運動的義工在2012年成立,成立之初透過收集跑鞋和跑步裝備以幫助非洲肯亞跑手,近年致力推動本港社區活動,關懷老幼身心健康。我們將參加10月24至26日舉行的Adventure Clean Up Challenge 2020,清潔海岸並為慈善機構Outward Bound HK籌款。感謝Outward Bound HK全力支持是次活動,提供物流、水上運輸、戶外設備支援並協助處理偏遠海岸的垃圾。

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