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My Story

After living in one of the world's most expensive cities for so many years, I wanted to offer good quality yet affordable jewellery and also give back to charity. "Haven Cambodia" touched my heart a few years ago and now 5% of every purchase is donated to the underprivileged teens under their care ♥

HAVEN is a safe haven for a handful of Cambodia's underprivileged young adults living in rural areas, and vulnerable teens from shelters, giving them the chance to step out of the poverty cycle and supporting them in their transition into society, who without it, could end up on the street, exploited and sold into human trafficking. Families residing in the countryside often live in extreme poverty and HAVEN teaches the trainees quality work skills as well as important life skills, securing them an independent future.

Our jewellery (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and now key-rings and wine charms) are all custom made and to see what designs have been created by people just like you, please visit, or

Recent Donors

  • Emma, Barbara and Angela

    HKD 103 08/15/2021 09:09:32 AM UTC

  • Barbara & Ariela

    HKD 73 08/15/2021 09:07:50 AM UTC

  • Katrielle, Helen and Tansy

    HKD 68 08/15/2021 09:05:48 AM UTC

  • Julie and Karen

    HKD 78 06/28/2021 04:11:13 AM UTC

  • Charlotte M. and Charlotte D.

    HKD 68 06/28/2021 04:08:37 AM UTC

  • Lynn, Silvie and Rachel

    HKD 56 06/28/2021 04:05:21 AM UTC

  • Tracey, Reema, Laura and Estelle

    HKD 188 06/06/2021 03:50:06 AM UTC

  • Laura, Jenny and Angela

    HKD 128 06/06/2021 03:47:55 AM UTC

  • Karen and Chiara

    HKD 100 06/06/2021 03:44:39 AM UTC

  • Amanda and Angela

    HKD 76 04/10/2021 05:06:08 AM UTC

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