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We hope to develop funding in the region of USD7500/year for our rescue budget to enable us to respond and follow up to all rescue cases and have the funds for initial quarantine care. We never know what will come next... it could be a bear or tiger, monkeys or a shipment of dozens of parrots. All is possible in this wildlife trafficking hotspot of North Sulawesi, where Tasikoki is the only rescue centre in the province.

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Example costs for our rescue work here:
USD 50 gives us fuel and supplies to run our rescue vehicle to Manado, Forestry Police Office, harbour or other city location and back to the rescue centre.  Therefore USD 5000 is enough for average of 2 rescues / week for the whole year.
USD 100 gives us almost enough to pay for the blood tests / quarantine health-screening / vaccination costs of one monkey
USD 200 gives us enough budget to rescue and feed a macaque for the duration of quarantine
USD 300 gives us enough to rescue and feed and care for a dozen cockatoos for two months
USD 500 supports the rescue, quarantine health-screening and initial care for a critically endangered Sulawesi Black Crested macaque
USD 750 helps us build much-needed transport enclosures and renovate/maintain our quarantine facilities
USD 1250 helps fund a two month wildlife crime investigation to gather legal evidence on trade/possession for the authorities to follow up
USD 3000 is enough to guarantee a year's salary for an animal keeper, the essential staff needed for consistent care of rescued wildlife
USD 7500 Covers all of the above and secures our budget to respond to rescues when needed

Recent Donors

  • Nadine Stenke

    EUR 100 05/03/2017

  • Scarlett Mac Gillavry

    USD 15 19/01/2017

  • Laila Heinemann

    EUR 25 22/12/2016

  • Kathleen Moult

    Donated on behalf of Marie Moult (this is what she wanted instead of a Christmas present).

    GBP 94 21/12/2016

  • Laura Huckenbeck

    EUR 20 12/12/2016

  • Marcia Nightingale

    Happy Xmas to all the staff and their families at Tasikoki - you are all wonderful people and I still think of you all xx

    GBP 50 12/12/2016

  • Anonymous

    USD 50 10/12/2016

  • Gerti Schuster

    Keep up the good work, Tasikokis!

    EUR 250 29/11/2016

  • Rich Batten

    EUR 100 29/11/2016

  • Robyn Kaplan

    USD 100 29/11/2016

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