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About CaptionCube
For schools, training providers and agencies with public education videos, CaptionCube is the only provider that specialises in captioning of lecture/seminar/online videos to increase communication accessibility and support an inclusive learning environment. Unlike traditional captioning providers, CaptionCube is a social enterprise that leverages on technology and crowd-sourced transcription process to provide quality, timely captions at low prices. 

How We Got Started
CaptionCube was founded in response to a lack of effective and affordable modes of communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing community in a lecture/seminar setting. Understanding the fragmented landscape of the deaf learners in Singapore, we focused on building a universal solution that:
  • will not only benefit deaf learners but also hearing students
  • supports progression of education institutes in building a more engaging and inclusive environment
CaptionCube is registered as a private limited company as we believe that in order to build a sustainable source of communication support to students with special needs, the service provider needs to be backed by a profitable business model that is able to quickly attract and groom manpower, and provide adequate rewards for them to contribute their service and uphold quality standards. Due to the small market size of persons with special needs, the company also needs to be able to derive income from a wider market and provide other related services in the area of speech/text data and conversion. For the focus on our social mission, CaptionCube is also recognised as a social enterprise by raiSE Singapore. 

Social Mission
CaptionCube aims to increase the public's awareness of the different needs in society, encourage the co-building of an inclusive society and highlight the importance and benefits of captions in providing communication accessibility. Through captions, we facilitate transmission of education and enhance the learning experience of special needs students (particularly deaf/hard of hearing students) in schools as well as adult learners with hearing loss in their lifelong learning journey. This leads to increased advancement rates of special needs students to attain higher education, increased retention rates and performance level of these students in schools, and better job opportunities and enhanced employability for persons with special needs as well as the mature population. Our web-based crowd-sourced transcription platform aims to provide meaningful, freelance transcribing job opportunities for persons who require flexible working hours due to family or health conditions e.g. physical disabilities. 

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