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Build for Tomorrow

Build for Tomorrow is leading a group of Orang Asli builders and a growing number of volunteers in the construction of the first Earthship in Malaysia. The main focus of the project is:

1-    To develop a self-sustainable structure that provides its users with all basic needs (shelter, drinking water, food, energy, sewage treatment) without polluting the environment;

2-    To train a group of Orang Asli builders on how to replicate these structures while understanding the importance of developing designs that minimize environmental impact

The building consists of two houses and one community hall with capacity for 50 people. The land where the project is taking place belongs to one of the local families, and they have agreed to open the space for the use of the community. One of the two houses will be used by the family and the second house is planned to be used for home stays.

Project Current Status

  • The main structures of the building have been completed using more than 800 tyres, thousands of bottles, cans, recycled banners, cardboard, recycled timber, and other discarded materials. 
  • The solar panels are installed and working. 
  • The rainwater harvesting system is fully operational and the tanks are full of water. 
  • The sewage treatment system has been completed.
  • The food production and water recycling system is fully installed and ready to be used.

Currently the project has come to a hold due to lack of financial resources. To complete the project, Build for Tomorrow is aiming to raise RM40,000 (approx USD10,000). The money will be used to cover:

-      Local Labor (we have employed builders from the local community as full time workers) and Build for Tomorrow deficit (our project leader has been working for months at no cost to the project);

-      Materials for the remaining works (elevated water tanks, windows, doors, internal walls and flooring);

-      Transport costs;

-      Miscellaneous.

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